26 Nov

Appendix 3Y - Douglas Flynn

Appendix 3Y C hange of Director’s In t er est No tice + See c hapter 19 for defined terms. Ap p end ix 3Y Page 1 Rule 3.19A.2 Appendix 3Y Change of Director’s Interest Notice Information or documents not available now must be given to ASX as soon as available. Information and documents given to ASX become ASX’s property and may be made public. Introduced 30/9/2001 . Name of entity I MEXHS Limited ABN 60 096 687 839 We (the entity) give ASX the following information under listing rule 3.19A.2 and as agent for the director for the purposes of section 205G of the Corporations Act. Name of Director Douglas Fl ynn Date of last notice 8 November 2 02 1 Part 1 - Change of director’s relevant interests in securities In the case of a trust, this includes interests in the trust made available by the responsible entity of the trust Note: In the case of a company, inte r e s t s which come within paragraph (i) of the definition of “notifiable interest of a director” should be disclosed in this part. Direct or indirect interest Indirect Nature of indirect interest (including registered hol der) Note: Provide de t ai l s o f the c i r c u m s tances giving rise to the relevant interest. 1. DR & LC Fl ynn N o minees Pty L i mited < Flynn Super Fund A/C> - Mr Flynn is a director of the tru stee and a ben eficiary o f the super fund 2. D ai Y a t Pty Ltd  - Mr Flynn is a director and b e nef i c ia ry D a te of change 22 Nove mber 202 1 1. No. of securiti es held prior to chang e Indirect 1. 700 , 000 fully p aid ordinary s hares 160 ,000 options exercisable at $2. 75 , expiring 12 /3/20 2 7 1 6 0 ,00 0 options exercisable a t $3.50 , exp iri ng 12/3/2027 240 ,000 option s ex ercisab le at $1.50 , exp iring 12/3/2027 2. 20 ,000 full y paid or dinary shares Class Fully paid ordinary shares Num ber acquired 10 , 000 f ully paid ordinary shares Number disposed - Value/Consideration inclu d e s b roker age/gst Note: If cons iderat ion i s non - cash, provi de details and estimated valuation $ 10 , 829.9 5 Appen dix 3Y Chan ge of Director’s Inte rest Notice + See chapter 19 for defined te r ms. Append ix 3 Y P age 2 1. No. of securities h eld after change Indi rect 1. 7 1 0 , 000 fully p aid ordinary s hare s 1 60 ,000 options exercisable at $2 . 75 , expiring 12 /3/2027 1 6 0 ,00 0 options exercisable a t $3.50 , exp iri ng 12/3/2027 240 ,000 optio n s ex ercisab le at $1.50 , exp iring 12/3/2027 2. 20 ,000 full y paid or dinary shares Nature of cha nge Example: on - market trade , off - m a r ket tr ade, exercise of options, is sue of securities under di v id e nd rein vestment plan, participation in buy - back On - market purc hase Part 2 – Change of director ’s i nteres ts in contra cts Note: In the ca se of a compa ny, interests which com e withi n parag r ap h (ii) of the defini tion of “notifiable interes t of a dire cto r ” s ho uld b e dis clo sed in t his part. Detail of contract N/A Nat ure of intere st N/A Name of regist ered holder (if issued s ecurities) N/A Da te o f cha nge N/A No. and class of s ecurities to w h ic h inte r est related p rior to change Note: Details are only req u ir e d for a con t ract in rel ation to which the interest has ch ange d N/A Intere st acquired N/A Inter est dispose d N/A Valu e /Conside ra tion N ote : I f con sideration is non - cash, prov ide detai ls an d a n esti mated valuatio n N/A Interest after change N/A Pa rt 3 – + Closed peri od Were t he interests in the securities or con t racts detaile d abov e traded during a + c lose d period where prior written clear ance was re quired? N o If s o , was p ri or written c l ea rance provide d to al low the trade to proceed dur ing this p eri o d? N /A I f pri or written clearance was provided, on what da te w as this provi de d? N /A

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