24 Nov

Chairmans Address to Shareholders

ASX ANNOUNCEMENT Chairperson's Address to Annual General Meeting ? AGM at 1:00pm AEDT on Wednesday, 24 November 2021. Sydney, Australia, 24 November 2021: Jaxsta Limited ACN 106 513 580 ( Jaxsta or the Company , ASX: JXT) the world's largest dedicated database of o?icial music attaches a copy of the Chairperson's Address to be delivered at Jaxsta's Annual General Meeting being held today. For further information please contact: Authorisation & Additional Information: This announcement was authorised by the Board of Directors of Jaxsta Limited www.jaxsta.com Level 1, 113-115 Oxford Street Darlinghurst 2010 NSW Australia Jaxsta Investor Relations: E: jaxstainvestors@jaxsta.com P: +61 2 8097 1201 -Ends- ABOUT JAXSTA Jaxsta is the world's largest public-facing and most connected music credits database and technology. Partnered with the industry's leading major and independent record companies, as well as publishers, distributors, royalty agencies and industry associations, Jaxsta is the go-to authoritative source of o?icial music credits information. The Company's core platform, Jaxsta.com, is a free and paid subscription service and provides B2B data-solutions for the music and related media industries. Jaxsta Pro Beta , the Company's subscription service, harnesses the power of Jaxsta's data to help music industry professionals connect, save time, and advance their businesses and careers. Jaxsta Ltd. Level 1, 113-115 Oxford Street, DARLINGHURST, NSW, 2010 , AUSTRALIA Ph: +61 2 8317 1000 Jaxsta.com ABN 15 106 513 580 Jaxsta Annual General Meeting FY2021 - Chairperson's Address To be delivered by Linda Jenkinson, Jaxsta’s Independent Chairperson Welcome: To all participating shareholders in attendance, welcome to this annual general meeting of Jaxsta Limited. My name is Linda Jenkinson, and I am chairperson of the company. I would like to introduce my fellow directors Jacqui Louez Schoorl (our CEO), Brett Cottle, Ken Gaunt and Jorge Nigaglioni, who also serves as our company secretary. Also in the audience today, are the senior executives of the company and on your behalf, I welcome them to this meeting. Opening: I am informed that a quorum of members is present, and take pleasure in declaring this meeting open. Registration and Voting: As part of the proceedings for this meeting, voting will be done through the investor portal from our Share Registry, Automic. Please log in or register now at the address on the screen. Once logged in, you can register your attendance at the meeting and record your vote. Once you confirm your vote it will be lodged and final. Questions can be submitted at any time. To ask a question press on the Q&A icon as shown on the screen. Please start your question by typing your shareholding SRN or HIN. This will allow the moderator to identify you as a shareholder. Include the resolution number in the question to match your responses to the proper item of business. Business of meeting : As you'd be aware from the Notice of Meeting, there are six items of business to be discussed when we move into the formal part of today's meeting. But before the formal business, I would like to make some general observations about the last 12 months before I return to the formal proceedings. Jaxsta Ltd. Level 1, 113-115 Oxford Street, DARLINGHURST, NSW, 2010 , AUSTRALIA Ph: +61 2 8317 1000 Jaxsta.com ABN 15 106 513 580 The Company has navigated through the initial COVID-19 pandemic uncertainty and has successfully built the team needed to deliver on its commercial aspirations going forward. We now have our Jaxsta Pro and Jaxsta Data operating on its initial commercial ventures and ready to accelerate to take advantage of the opportunities we see ahead in the music industry. There are key elements that will be critical to keep building on the momentum to date, but as we see ongoing traction from Pro subscribers and data partners, including new partners Distrokid and Repost by Soundcloud, we get closer to achieving the vision for long term success. Now that we have the platforms to build upon, the focus has shi?ed to accelerate the enhancement of our value proposition so that adoption of the Plus memberships grow at a faster pace and site tra?ic continues to rise thus enabling the consumer side of Jaxsta to be an active component, completing the connection between creatives and fans. All three tenets of the Jaxsta business model are critical and feed each other to grow by providing more data, and tra?ic to the other. I now move on to the formal proceedings. Thank you. Jaxsta Ltd. Level 1, 113-115 Oxford Street, DARLINGHURST, NSW, 2010 , AUSTRALIA Ph: +61 2 8317 1000 Jaxsta.com ABN 15 106 513 580
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