Kuniko Limited (ASX:KNI)

Antony Beckmand
Market Cap (AUD): 36M
Sector: Materials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.73 +0.01 (+1.39%)
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1. About

Kuniko Limited (ASX:KNI) is focused on the development of copper, nickel and cobalt projects in Scandinavia, with a strict mandate to maintain a net zero carbon footprint throughout its exploration, development and production processes.

The Company is focused on its Ni-Co-Cu licence portfolio: 

South-west Norway tenements

Ni-Cu-Co projects in the historically important Fey and Romss mining districts located in south-western Norway. 

South-central Norway cobalt tenements

Co-Cu-Au project, part of the historically important Skuterud mining district of central-southern Norway, previously the largest cobalt mining area in the world. 

South-central Norway copper tenements

Undal Cu-Zn-Co project and Vangrfta Cu-Co-Au projects located in the Trondheim region of central Norway.

Kuniko Limited was spun out of Vulcan Energy Resources Limited (ASX:VUL).

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