25 Nov

Priority Offer Letter - Solis Minerals Limited

25 November 2021 Dear Shareholder I am pleased to advise that Solis Minerals Limited ( Solis Minerals ) is offering priority access rights for eligible shareholders of Latin Resources Limited ( Latin Resources ) to subscribe for CHESS Depositary Interests ( CDIs ) in the upcoming initial public offering of the Solis Minerals on the ASX (ASX code: SLM) ( Priority Offer ). Under the Priority Offer, a total of up to 6,250,000 CDIs (equivalent to A$1,250,000 in aggregate) has been set aside exclusively for shareholders of Latin Resources. The inclusion of our shareholders in this offer is testament to the strong relationship between Latin Resources and Solis Minerals. The Priority Offer comprises an offer to acquire CHESS Depositary Interests ( CDIs ) over fully paid ordinary shares in the Company ( Shares ). Each CDI will represent one underlying Share fully tradable on the ASX. The securities offered under this offer will be issued to investors in the form of CDIs so that those investors may trade the Shares on ASX and settle the transactions through CHESS. Latin Resources is the largest shareholder in Solis Minerals, owning approximately 24% prior to the issue of the IPO shares, and diluting to 12.65% upon completion of Solis’ IPO 1 . Solis Minerals is focused on exploration for copper in Latin American and has assets in Chile and Peru – two of the largest copper producing regions in the world. Solis holds a 100% interest in a package of highly prospective IOCG and porphyry copper projects in southwestern Peru within the country’s prolific copper belt. The Company also recently acquired an option to purchase a 100% interest in the Mostazal copper project in Chile’s Atacama Desert, one of the world’s premier copper production jurisdictions. Details of the Offer Latin Resources shareholders who are Australian residents will be given priority for an allocation of CDIs in the IPO, subject to submitting valid Applications for at least 10,000 CDIs, (being the minimum parcel size of A$2,000). There is not a guarantee that all eligible shareholders that apply for the Solis IPO will be able to secure an allocation in the Solis IPO given the guaranteed allocation is limited to $1.25 million. That is, applications received early from Latin Shareholders may be prioritised. The Directors of Solis Minerals, in consultation with the Lead Manager to the Solis IPO will allocate CDIs under the Priority Offer at their sole discretion in a way that is fair and equitable to those Latin Resources Shareholders who apply for CDIs, having regard to their current holdings in Latin Resources, and also having regard to the need for Solis Minerals to achieve a minimum of 300 unrelated Shareholders for the purposes of satisfying the ASX listing criteria. 1 Assumes the maximum subscription of $6 million is raised by Solis in the IPO. 2 Capitalised terms in this letter have the meanings ascribed in the Prospectus LATIN RESOURCES LIMITED ACN: 131 405 144 Unit 3, 32 Harrogate Street, West Leederville, Western Australia 6008 P 08 6117 4798 E info@latinresources.com.au Further information on Latin Resources and its relationship to Solis Minerals can be found at Section 6.14 of the Sols Minerals Prospectus. Any shareholder seeking to apply for shares in Solis under the Priority Offer is encouraged to read the Prospectus and the Supplementary Prospectus. If a Latin Resources Shareholder applies for CDIs under the Priority Offer and is ineligible to participate, such application will be treated as if it is made under the General Offer by Solis. Exclusions The following persons will also be excluded from the Priority Offer, irrespective of whether they are a Latin Resources Shareholder: (a) any person who is also a Director, officer or related party of Solis Minerals or Latin Resources (including Mr Christopher Gale); (a) any person who is an Associate of a Director, officer or related party. Applying for the Solis Priority Offer To make a valid application under the Priority Offer, you must provide your unique reference number from your invitation letter under the section “ Priority Offer Code ” on the Online Application Form. If your unique reference number is not provided Solis Minerals may be unable to ascertain eligibility for the Priority Offer, and as such, there is a risk that any Applicant may not receive an allocation at all if the Priority Offer is fully subscribed, and there is no capacity remaining available under the General Offer. The Closing Date for the Priority Offer is 10 December 2021 . Solis Minerals reserves the right to extend the Closing Date or close the Priority Offer early without prior notice. Early lodgement of your application is recommended as the Offer may be closed early at the Directors’ discretion. If Solis Minerals receives Applications under the Priority Offer for more than A$1.25 million, it intends to treat such additional Applications as being made under the General Offer. To participate in the Priority Offer, investors should use the online Application Form. Refer also to Section 1.14 of the Prospectus. Whilst we do not recommend investments to our shareholders, we do encourage you to consider the Prospectus and the Supplementary Prospectus in order to assess whether or not an investment in Solis Minerals is appropriate for your personal circumstances. A copy of the Prospectus and Supplementary Prospectus is available at: www.solisminerals.com . All potential investors should read the Prospectus and Supplementary Prospectus carefully before making the decision to participate in the offer. What do I do next? The offer is now open. You will need your unique “Priority Offer Code” when subscribing, indicated in your personalized invitation letter which will be sent to you via mail or email depending on the records held by the share registry for you on the offer open date of the offer. Please visit the offer website at the following link https://solismineralsipooffer.thereachagency.com and insert your Priority Offer Code in the relevant section on the online application form. In order to make an application online you will need your personalize invitation letter to obtain your unique “Priority Offer Code”. info@latinresources.com.au www.latinresources.com.au info@latinresources.com.au www.latinresources.com.au
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