Matrix Composites & Engineering (ASX:MCE)

Aaron Begley
Market Cap (AUD): 27.02M
Sector: Energy
Last Trade (AUD): 0.185 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Matrix Composites & Engineering (ASX:MCE) manufactures and supplies engineered products and services to the civil and infrastructure, resources, oil and gas, defence, and transportation industries. The company has an established reputation for developing and utilising advanced composite and polymer materials technologies and innovative manufacturing processes. This means its products are stronger, lighter and longer lasting, and can be manufactured and delivered within shorter timeframes.

In 2011, Matrix opened the largest composites syntactic manufacturing plant in the world. The 20,000 m2 facility is a world class facility that has delivered numerous operational efficiencies. Matrix services its clientele through offices and agents in key locations around the world.

Capabilities - Materials, Technology and Quality

Matrix uses advanced materials and technologies derived from the aerospace and defence industries to manufacture a range of high performing composite syntactic products. The company’s head office boasts a large R&D facility run by scientists and material engineers from a broad spectrum of high performing industry disciplines. 

Using leading edge materials technology along with automated manufacturing and strict quality control processes, Matrix produces consistently high quality products. To ensure the properties and performance of its materials, Matrix undertakes vigorous product and verification testing. These tests confirm that the products are fit for purpose and in line with the requirements of international quality standards such as API 16F, ISO-13628-16 and API 17L, as well as other specifications set by clients and industry bodies.

In addition, Matrix has developed its own set of testing procedures that incorporate both industry and client driven standards. Designed specifically for its syntactic foams and thermoplastic material, the combined elements allow for a more comprehensive set of testing procedures.           

The company invests heavily in its in-house testing capabilities to ensure the majority of tests can be performed on-site, thus eliminating potential bottlenecks in the process flow. In some cases, Matrix will engage an independent third party to verify its own testing results, thereby providing further reassurance that its products will perform to specification.

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