Mighty Craft Limited (ASX:MCL)

Mark Haysman
Market Cap (AUD): 81.97M
Sector: Consumer Discretionary
Last Trade (AUD): 0.22 -0.03 (-12%)
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1. About

Mighty Craft Limited (ASX:MCL) is a craft beverage accelerator with a nationally diversified portfolio of craft beverages.

The Company has built a unique infrastructure and distribution offering that enables the company to scale production, distribution and sales as it seeks to become Australias leading premium craft beverage company.

Mighty Craft is achieving its vision by strategically investing in craft beverage producers, with celebrated local brands, and providing them with leadership, growth capital and industry solutions to maximise brand awareness and accelerate growth, whilst achieving scale.

Mighty Craft is proud to be taking local Australian craft beer and spirits brands to customers Australia wide and abroad.

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