McPherson's Limited (ASX:MCP)

Grant Peck
Market Cap (AUD): 90.62M
Sector: Consumer Staples
Last Trade (AUD): 0.685 -0.01 (-2.14%)
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1. About

McPhersons Limited (ASX:MCP) is a leading supplier of health, wellness, beauty, household, and personal care in Australasia, with operations in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. McPhersons markets and distributes beauty care, hair care, skin care and fragrance product ranges, kitchen essentials such as baking paper, cling wrap and aluminium foil and personal care items such as facial wipes, cotton pads and foot comfort products.

In addition, by managing and representing major international brands together with retailers private labels, the company is able to provide retail customers with a one-source opportunity for complete category management from product innovation and range development to a menu of how the ranges are delivered and managed in-store. 

McPhersons manages some significant brands for overseas agency partners such as Dr Wolff. The majority of revenue however, is derived from the companys diversified portfolio of owned market-leading brands, including  ManicareLady JayneDr. LeWinnsA'kinGlam by ManicareSwisspers, Moosehead, Maseur & Multix.  

McPhersons has a large customer base, servicing approximately 10,000 retail outlets, most of the regions leading retailers, including supermarkets, discount department stores, department stores, pharmacies and independent housewares stores.

Manufacturing is outsourced to various suppliers, predominantly in Asia and Australia. McPhersons maintains a strong presence in Hong Kong and mainland China, focused on product sourcing and quality assurance.

McPhersons is proud to adhere to the Australian Packaging Covenant, a sustainable packaging initiative which aims to change the culture of business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter. View our Action Plan


McPherson's operation in Asia is focused primarily on personal care products and, household consumables products, operating with a combination of McPherson's brands and agency arrangements.

Hong Kong

McPherson's Hong Kong branch manages the contract manufacturing for the McPherson's Group's products, generally outsourced to specialist manufacturers. It performs the quality assurance function and also works with marketing personnel on product design.

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