Magellan Financial Group (ASX:MFG)

Hamish Douglass
Market Cap (AUD): 8.77B
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 47.7 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Magellan Financial Group (ASX:MFG) was formed in 2006 to generate attractive returns for clients by investing in global equities and global listed infrastructure while protecting their capital.

Since then, the Group has developed a track record for creating and safeguarding wealth for its investors. Magellan has done this by investing in high-quality global stocks that benefited from the rise of the emerging consumer, the coming of the cashless society, the recovery in US housing, the dominance of business software giants and the arrival of digital consumer platforms, to name just some key themes of the past decade. Magellan knows that over the next decade different themes will prevail. When investing the key question Magellan asks itself is: “What does the future look like?”

The Group's team of 34* highly qualified and experienced investment professionals manages more than A$98 billion* in global equity and infrastructure strategies for clients based around the world. The team has received multiple industry awards and is a highly rated fund manager of global equities and global listed infrastructure, in Australia and overseas.

To help meet the needs of clients, Magellan recently developed sustainable strategies and pioneered a paperless way to invest in active global equities on the ASX. You can do this via the Group's global equities and global infrastructure active exchange-traded funds (Active ETFs).

Magellan was founded in 2006 by Hamish Douglass and Chris Mackay and has offices in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

*As at 31 July 2020.

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