Magellan Infrastructure Fund (Currency Hedged)(Managed Fund) (ASX:MICH)

Chris McKay
Portfolio Manager
Market Cap (AUD): 887.59M
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 3.05 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Magellan Infrastructure Fund (ASX:MICH) is an ASX-quoted Active ETF holding 20 to 40 stocks that seeks to deliver the stable returns offered by the asset class, while protecting returns from currency movements.

Investment philosophy

The Magellan Infrastructure Fund (Currency Hedged) has been designed to provide investors with efficient access to the infrastructure asset class, while protecting capital in adverse markets.

The infrastructure asset class, when appropriately defined, is characterised by monopoly-like assets that face reliable demand and enjoy predictable cashflows. As a result, Magellan has established proprietary classification criteria to appropriately categorise securities as investment grade infrastructure, and thus eligible for inclusion in its portfolios or otherwise. Potential investments that meet these criteria are expected to achieve strong underlying financial performance over medium- to long-term timeframes, which should translate into reliable, inflation-linked investment returns.

Magellan believes that an appropriately structured portfolio of 20 to 40 investments can provide sufficient diversification to ensure that investors are not overly correlated to any single company, industry-specific or macroeconomic risk.

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