Mirrabooka Investments Limited (ASX:MIR)

Mark Freeman
Market Cap (AUD): 567.19M
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 3.18 -0.04 (-1.24%)
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1. About

Mirrabooka Investments Limited (ASX:MIR) is a listed investment company specialising in investing in small and medium-sized companies located within Australia and New Zealand.

Mirrabooka defines small and medium sized companies as those companies which fall outside the top 50 ASX-listed companies, by market capitalisation.

There are many small and medium size companies listed on the ASX. Mirrabooka seeks to invest in those it believes offer investors attractive value. Of particular interest are companies with relatively low price earnings ratios and high dividend yields. Often these companies have strong growth prospects and specialise in a range of attractive product, market and industry sectors. Benefits may also arise from takeover and/or merger activity.

The Company has been operating since April 1999 and was listed on the ASX in June 2001.

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