MLG Oz Limited (ASX:MLG)

Murray Leahy
Market Cap (AUD): 122.36M
Sector: Materials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.84 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

MLG Oz Limited (ASX:MLG) is a provider of key mine site and logistics services to the Australian mining and civil infrastructure industries, with operations spanning sites throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The Companys client base includes some of Australias largest resources companies in the gold, iron ore and nickel sectors. MLG places significant emphasis on securing and maintaining a client base that operates low-cost, long-life mining operations, providing the Company some protection against commodity price volatility.

MLGs revenue and earnings are primarily driven by the volume of resource production at its client's mine sites through the provision of its service offerings. The Company has grown organically through a philosophy focused on proactive maintenance, a safety culture and a client-partnership approach. This has resulted in MLG positioning itself as a key part of mine production at many of its client's operations.

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