23 Nov

Results of 2021 Annual General Meeting

MoneyMe (ASX: MME) | Level 3 / 131 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000 ACN 636 747 414 | moneyme.com.au Page | 1 ASX Announcement 23 November 2021 Results of 2021 Annual General Meeting In accordance with ASX Listing Rule 3.13.2, MoneyMe Limited (ASX: MME) ( MoneyMe ) attaches the outcomes of the resolutions put to MoneyMe’s 2021 Annual General Meeting this morning. All resolutions were decided on a poll. Authorised by Jonathan Swain, Company Secretary. ENDS For further information please contact: Managing Director and CEO Clayton Howes clayton@moneyme.com.au Chief Financial Officer Neal Hawkins neal@moneyme.com.au Company Secretary Jonathan Swain companysecretary@moneyme.com.au For general investor enquiries, please email investors@moneyme.com.au About MoneyMe MoneyMe is a leader in innovation with its own technology (Horizon Technology Platform) and AI to deliver highly automated innovative credit products and customer experiences. MoneyMe originates through a diversified mix of credit products and distribution channels to create significant scale and long-term customer advantages. Our automotive finance, personal loans, revolving line of credit and at point-of- sale instalment products are for credit approved customers who are seeking simplicity, fair pricing and flexibility. MoneyMe’s technology platform enables applications to be completed and checked within minutes, security to be established, funds to be disbursed, or credit limits to be available, to the customer shortly after approval. MoneyMe is an ASX-listed, licensed and regulated credit provider operating in Australia. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Tuesday, 23 November, 2021 MONEYME LIMITED Short Description For Against For Against Abstain ** As required by section 251AA(2) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Commonwealth) the following statistics are provided in respect of each resolution on the agenda. Resolution Voted on at the meeting Total votes cast in the poll (where applicable) Abstain Result Discretionary (open votes) No Strike Y/N/NA Proxy Votes (as at proxy close) RESULT OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (ASX REPORT) 25,091,128 10,062 3,736,201 1 ADOPTION OF REMUNERATION REPORT 104,906 10,062 3,736,201 24,762,859 12.96% 87.04% Carried 86.57% 13.06% 0.37% N 119,512,358 191,059 583,239 2 RE-ELECTION OF MR SCOTT EMERY AS A DIRECTOR 836,232 2,369 583,239 118,641,453 0.49% 99.51% Carried 98.82% 0.49% 0.70% NA 120,278,587 2,869 5,200 3 RE-ELECTION OF MS SUSAN WYNNE AS A DIRECTOR 836,232 2,869 5,200 119,218,992 0.00% 100.00% Carried 99.30% 0.00% 0.70% NA 24,866,314 10,562 3,739,986 4 APPROVAL OF FUTURE ISSUES OF SECURITIES UNDER THE MONEYME EMPLOYEE EQUITY INCENTIVE PLAN 104,906 10,562 3,739,986 24,538,045 13.07% 86.93% Carried 86.45% 13.18% 0.37% NA 25,101,793 10,802 3,744,796 5 APPROVAL TO ISSUE PERFORMANCE RIGHTS TO MR CLAYTON HOWES 109,128 10,802 3,744,796 24,769,302 12.98% 87.02% Carried 86.54% 13.08% 0.38% NA 64,533,511 10,802 3,744,446 6 RATIFICATION OF PRIOR ISSUES OF SHARES AND PERFORMANCE RIGHTS 109,128 10,802 3,744,446 64,201,020 5.48% 94.52% Carried 94.34% 5.50% 0.16% NA ** - Note that votes relating to a person who abstains on an item are not counted in determining whether or not the required majority of votes were cast for or against that item Printed: 23/11/2021 11:40:03AM Page 1 of 1 This report was produced from the Link Market Services Meeting System

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