Mad Paws Holdings Limited (ASX:MPA)

Justus Hammer
Group CEO & MD
Market Cap (AUD): 38.17M
Sector: Consumer Discretionary
Last Trade (AUD): 0.115 -0.01 (-11.54%)
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1. About

Mad Paws Holdings Limited (ASX:MPA) is an Australian-based pet services business whose primary activity is the operation of a pet care services online marketplace.

The Mad Paws marketplace matches and connects pet owners seeking pet care services, such as pet sitting, walking, day care and grooming, with pet sitters, walkers and other pet service providers registered on the marketplace.

Mad Paws initially launched its pet care services marketplace in 2015, offering holiday pet sitting services to pet owners, with the offerings on the marketplace having since expanded to include additional high frequency pet care services such as pet walking, day care, grooming and house visits to complement the traditional holiday pet sitting services.

At 30 June 2020, Mad Paws had a database of over 19,000 pet service providers (pet sitters, walkers and groomers) registered on the marketplace across Australia and over 450,000 user sign ups (pet owners), with more than 180,000 services having been booked through the marketplace since launch.

In addition to the marketplace, in August 2020 Mad Paws launched the Mad Paws Dinner Bowl pet food subscription product. Mad Paws Dinner Bowl is a healthy fresh pet food subscription service providing owners with pre-prepared, individually packed pet meals. 

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