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1. About

MYSALE Group PLC (ASX:MSA) is an online, off-price, retail platform offering a large, curated selection of branded fashion, beauty and homewares products. 

MYSALE provides a discovery-based online shopping experience for its customers. New sales events are offered daily with a selection of branded products at discounted prices, generally in limited quantities and for limited time periods, to seek to create excitement for customers. 

MYSALEs mobile applications and websites seek to emulate the experience of browsing for products, where customers are not looking for a specific product but are open to exploring an online catalogue or receiving suggestions. 

MYSALE offers its suppliers a broad suite of inventory solutions (ie. sales channels) to assist them to:

  • monetise their excess inventory in short periods of time;
  • increase consumer awareness of their brands and products and introduce them to potential new customers in the regions MYSALE operates; and
  • fulfil their demand for inventory management.


MYSALEs vision is to be a trusted and exciting daily discovery-based shopping destination for branded fashion, beauty and homeware products for customers, and an effective inventory solutions provider for suppliers inventory, brand awareness and revenue needs.

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