22 Nov

Change in substantial holding

To: +61293470006 PigE 1 al 4 202141-22 06:06:16 GMT 61294761158 From hICROEQUmES. November 22, 2021 ASX Company Announcement Am: Company Announcements Oflker Dear Sir/Madam, Please find attached forlo*nent Form 604 Notice of change of Interestsof Substantial Holder from Microequltles Asset Management Pt,Umlted In respect of Its interest in MSL Solutions Un*ed (MSL). Kind Regards C Gil(CEO & Chief Investment Officer) Microequides Asset Management Pty Ltd hICROEQUITESASSET MAN#4EAAENT I CAR 462438 0% AMI 287526 1 461(2) 9000 2900 1 *VESTOMICROSATEl©OP.UU To: +61293470006 Pigs: 2 al 4 202141-22 06:06:16 GMT 61294761158 From hICROEQUmES. k Cmp.9 *n@/Sd=. PaUNSN 1 Olt- •1 =Il'llia l.li./(0 N.mo 9£'41,86)4 W *<.1,4 Thc,0 Im a Cy,1/ I the Imom of tho 11 j zilld hok* on F"mel Sid= ms NoUce dchmge of interests of substanUal holder MSL Solutions Umlted (MSU ABN 96 120 815 778 Microequitles Asset Management Pty Ltd (MIcroequltles) 134984768 nophlk."Immecmps,on TIQ F*ou, r[*lgo xes dmod 1 p'-1.I.-d Bil/,a pall 18/11,21 31 0821 604 pego 1/2 152* 2M1 ThotI*al ru E crof zins diah[Il to al tho U)V 41/r, li uu ccm, or *f g lt£=a li 10 er,Tu UW Av Rustilld holck]ror m ezoclt 0 Md a rolo%* It]K]Et 6» :1\,Im Imt ra&*ed, md #in now re**ed. tog),easubst,M hol g noccemthecompmyor vt<,78. sem bio#&: Climofsoarkk,s (4) ORDINARY *Amindiro *orfs ams 57.1/=191 29733457 835% PrOSOrt IDtlco Persm's vjbi'///I?..716/1.7.7 36639173 10.07% 1 0.- ./.Ill'.ill- P cliEd Bach c K of dip h the limlig of, a rele lit lial* of 118 11]5ll:Ill :Bldr or m assoc Il lfl 5=2105/necompllWor #Eli* *retha mibstalls! t *la ves lastroc*d tog),0 e subst*lai Wig *fro b tho compsy or mirmu sn es folj#r D= of Pvl,on #vi Ialmit INE SEE ANNE)(URE A 4 W*=** Nliso of C'508 H Consickileon *1* re lon B d og {1) .**d .ch re - Imatt mlim.kk r h v soatt lit chip n . RE rvio,I,t Sturli Wid 5800* Pornl ultklod k) bo mal*rod mholls Nlm of Olit =ae Ch56.1 Mi*er of 5.0 tiGS arrocmd Clis mid iurkOr Of Silt/"3 Prism's 
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