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General Meeting Notice of Access/Proxy Form

MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd (ASX:MXC)
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1 - 1 14 January 2022 ASX Code: MXC LSE Code: MXC General Meeting – Notice of Access to Information MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd wishes to advise that a General Meeting of Shareholders is being convened at 4:00pm (AWST) Wednesday, 16 February 2022, at 1202 Hay Street, West Perth, Western Australia 6005. Accompanying this Announcement is a copy of correspondence being dispatched to shareholders today, advising them, among other things, how to access meeting information, with a copy of the Notice of General Meeting being released as a separate announcement. --Ends-- Authorised for release by the Board of Directors, for further information please contact: MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd Roby Zomer CEO & Managing Director +61 8 6382 3390 info@mgcpharma.com.au MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd David Lim Company Secretary +61 8 6382 3390 info@mgcpharma.com.au UK Broker – Turner Pope Andy Thacker +44 203 657 0050 info@turnerpope.com UK PR Advisors – Tavistock Charles Vivian / Tim Pearson +44 207 920 3150 mgcpharma@tavistock.co.uk About MGC Pharma MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd (LSE: MXC, ASX: MXC) is a European based bio-pharma company developing and supplying affordable standardised phytomedicines to patients globally. The Company’s founders were key figures in the global medical cannabis industry and the core business strategy is to develop and supply high quality phytocannabinoid derived medicines for the growing demand in the medical markets in Europe, North America and Australasia. MGC Pharma has a robust product offering targeting two widespread medical conditions – epilepsy and dementia – and has further products in the development pipeline. Employing its ‘Nature to Medicine’ strategy, MGC Pharma has partnered with renowned institutions and academia to optimise cultivation and the development of targeted phytocannabinoid derived medicines products prior to production in the Company’s EU-GMP Certified manufacturing facility. MGC Pharma has a number of research collaborations with world renowned academic institutions, and including recent research highlighting the positive impact of using specific phytocannabinoid formulations developed by MGC Pharma in the treatment of glioblastoma, the most aggressive and so far therapeutically resistant primary brain tumour. MGC Pharma has a growing patient base in Australia, the UK, Brazil and Ireland and has a global distribution footprint via an extensive network of commercial partners meaning that it is poised to supply the global market. Follow us through our social media channels info@mgcpharma.com .au | www.mgcpharma.com.au MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd | 1202 Hay Street, West Perth WA 6005 PO Box 1976, West Perth WA 6872 T: +61 8 6382 3390 1 of 1 14 January 2022 LETTER TO SHAREHOLDERS – UPCOMING GENERAL MEETING Dear Shareholder, MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd ( Company or MGC Pharma ) is convening a General Meeting of shareholders on Wednesday, 16 February at 4:00pm (AWST) at 1202 Hay Street, West Perth, Australia 6005. The Company is continuing to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 virus in Western Australia and following guidance from the Federal and State Governments. Having considered the current circumstances, the directors have made the decision that a physical meeting will be held. Accordingly, Shareholders will be able to attend the Meeting in person, subject to them complying with any Government orders relating to COVID-19 in place at the time that the meeting is held. In accordance with the Corporations Act 2001 ( Cth ) the Company will not be sending hard copies of the Notice of Meeting to shareholders unless a shareholder has requested a hard copy. A copy of the Company’s Notice of Meeting released to the ASX on Friday, 14 January 2022 is available to view on the Company’s Website at https://mgcpharma.com.au/asx-investor-centre/#. The directors still strongly encourage all shareholders to lodge a directed proxy form prior to the meeting. If you have nominated an email address and have elected to receive electronic communications from the Company, you will also be sent an email to your nominated email address with a link to an electronic copy of the important meeting documents. If you have not elected to receive notices by email, a copy of your personalised proxy form is enclosed for your convenience. Proxy votes can be lodged with the Company’s Share Registry, Computershare Investor Services Pty Ltd online by using the following options: Online At www.investorvote.com.au By mail Share Registry – Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited, GPO Box 242, Melbourne Victoria 3001, Australia By fax 1800 783 447 (within Australia) +61 3 9473 2555 (outside Australia) By mobile Scan the QR code on your proxy form and follow the prompts Custodian Voting For Intermediary Online subscribers only (custodians) please visit www.intermediaryonline.com to submit your voting intentions Your sincerely, David Lim Company Secretary *M00000112Q02* ABN 30 116 800 269 XX For your proxy appointment to be effective it must be received by 4:00pm (AWST) on Monday, 14 February 2022. All your securities will be voted in accordance with your directions. YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT Phone: 1300 850 505 (within Australia) +61 3 9415 4000 (outside Australia) Online: www.investorcentre.com/contact Need assistance? Proxy Form Lodge your Proxy Form: How to Vote on Items of Business Online: Lodge your vote online at www.investorvote.com.au using your secure access information or use your mobile device to scan the personalised QR code. Corporate Representative If a representative of a corporate securityholder or proxy is to participate in the meeting you will need to provide the appropriate “Appointment of Corporate Representative”. A form may be obtained from Computershare or online at www.investorcentre.com/au and select "Printable Forms". PARTICIPATING IN THE MEETING SIGNING INSTRUCTIONS FOR POSTAL FORMS For Intermediary Online subscribers (custodians) go to www.intermediaryonline.com By Mail: Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited GPO Box 242 Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia 1800 783 447 within Australia or +61 3 9473 2555 outside Australia By Fax: Your secure access information is APPOINTMENT OF PROXY PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons it is important that you keep your SRN/HIN confidential. Individual: Where the holding is in one name, the securityholder must sign. Joint Holding: Where the holding is in more than one name, all of the securityholders should sign. Power of Attorney: If you have not already lodged the Power of Attorney with the registry, please attach a certified photocopy of the Power of Attorney to this form when you return it. Companies: Where the company has a Sole Director who is also the Sole Company Secretary, this form must be signed by that person. If the company (pursuant to section 204A of the Corporations Act 2001) does not have a Company Secretary, a Sole Director can also sign alone. Otherwise this form must be signed by a Director jointly with either another Director or a Company Secretary. Please sign in the appropriate place to indicate the office held. Delete titles as applicable. Voting 100% of your holding: Direct your proxy how to vote by marking one of the boxes opposite each item of business. If you do not mark a box your proxy may vote or abstain as they choose (to the extent permitted by law). If you mark more than one box on an item your vote will be invalid on that item. Voting a portion of your holding: Indicate a portion of your voting rights by inserting the percentage or number of securities you wish to vote in the For, Against or Abstain box or boxes. The sum of the votes cast must not exceed your voting entitlement or 100%. Appointing a second proxy: You are entitled to appoint up to two proxies to attend the meeting and vote on a poll. If you appoint two proxies you must specify the percentage of votes or number of securities for each proxy, otherwise each proxy may exercise half of the votes. When appointing a second proxy write both names and the percentage of votes or number of securities for each in Step 1 overleaf. A proxy need not be a securityholder of the Company. SRN/HIN: Control Number: 186457 or failing the individual or body corporate named, or if no individual or body corporate is named, the Chairman of the Meeting, as my/our proxy to act generally at the meeting on my/our behalf and to vote in accordance with the following directions (or if no directions have been given, and to the extent permitted by law, as the proxy sees fit) at the General Meeting of MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd to be held at 1202 Hay Street, West Perth, Western Australia 6005 on Wednesday, 16 February 2022 at 4:00pm (AWST) and at any adjournment or postponement of that meeting. Appoint a Proxy to Vote on Your Behalf Change of address. If incorrect, mark this box and make the correction in the space to the left. Securityholders sponsored by a broker (reference number commences with ‘ X ’) should advise your broker of any changes. Proxy Form Please mark to indicate your directions I/We being a member/s of MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd hereby appoint the Chairman of the Meeting OR PLEASE NOTE: Leave this box blank if you have selected the Chairman of the Meeting. Do not insert your own name(s). Items of Business PLEASE NOTE: If you mark the Abstain box for an item, you are directing your proxy not to vote on your behalf on a show of hands or a poll and your votes will not be counted in computing the required majority. This section must be completed. Individual or Securityholder 1 Securityholder 2 Securityholder 3 Sole Director & Sole Company Secretary Director Director/Company Secretary The Chairman of the Meeting intends to vote undirected proxies in favour of each item of business. In exceptional circumstances, the Chairman of the Meeting may change his/her voting intention on any resolution, in which case an ASX announcement will be made. Update your communication details By providing your email address, you consent to receive future Notice of Meeting & Proxy communications electronically Mobile Number Email Address (Optional) XX Step 1 Step 2 Signature of Securityholder(s) Step 3 For Against Abstain Resolution 1 Ratification of prior issue of Placement Shares Resolution 2 Ratification of prior issue of Broker Options Resolution 3 Ratification of prior issue of Mercer Shares Resolution 4 Approval to issue Consideration Shares Date / / M X C 2 8 4 6 2 4 A

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