26 Nov

Form 484 - Cancellation of Buy-back shares

26 November 2021 ASX Limited Companies Announcements Office Exchange Centre 20 Bridge Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 On-market Buy-Back Notification of Cancellation of Shares In accordance with Listing Rule 3.8A, we enclose a copy of the Form 484 that has been lodged with ASIC today. For further information, contact: Caroline Purtell Company Secretary 1300 454 801 ASIC Form 484 Ref 16044416826/11/2021 Page 1 of 2 Australian Securities & Investments Commission Electronic Lodgement Document No. 7EBN64464 Lodgement date/time: 26-11-2021 11:03:17 Reference Id: 160444168 Form 484 Corporations Act 2001 Change to company details Company details Company name NEW ENERGY SOLAR LIMITED Australian Company Number (ACN) 609 396 983 Lodgement details Who should ASIC contact if there is a query about this form? Name Caroline Arraina PURTELL Signature This form must be signed by a current officeholder of the company. I certify that the information in this form is true and complete Name Caroline Arraina PURTELL Capacity Secretary Signature Date signed 26-11-2021 Form 484 - Change to company details NEW ENERGY SOLAR LIMITEDACN609 396 983 ASIC Form 484 Ref 16044416826/11/2021 Page 2 of 2 C1 Cancellation of shares Reason for cancellation Shares cancellation details Reason for cancellation ss.257H(3) Share buyback - Other buy-back type. A form 280 or 281 must be lodged at least 14 days, and no more than 1 year before the share buy-back can take place The cancelled shares are listed below: Share class code Number of shares cancelled Amount paid (cash or otherwise) ORD 150000 122250 Earliest Date of cancellation 03-11-2021 C3 Change to share structure The updated details for this changed share class are shown in the table below. Share class code Full title if not standard Total number of shares Total amount paid on these shares Total amount unpaid on these shares ORD ORDINARY SHARES 321741410 105549280.69 0.00 Earliest date of change 03-11-2021
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