NIB Holdings (ASX:NHF)

Mark Fitzgibbon
Market Cap (AUD): 3.28B
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 7.195 +0.05 (+0.63%)
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1. About

NIB Holdings limited (ASX:NIB) is one of Australia's fastest growing health insurers providing health and medical insurance to over one million Australian and New Zealand residents. The Company also provides private health insurance cover to more than 130,000 international students and workers in Australia as well as offering international health insurance to expats working and travelling overseas. In addition, it operates Australia's third largest travel insurer and global distributor, World Nomad's Group.

NIB Holdings provide the services by 3 Business Channels -

  • Iman - The Group provides private health insurance cover in Australia to almost 20,000 international workers. Groups IMAN Australian Health Plans help migrant workers meet the Department of Immigration requirements for 457 visas.
  • OSHC - Group entered the market for international students in 2010 with the launch of the Groups Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) range. Specifically designed for students, its OSHC private health insurance helps pay for medical and hospital treatment for students studying in Australia.
  • NIB Global Health - nib global health was launched in 2014, to provide New Zealanders with international health insurance for travelling and working overseas. Its the first international private medical insurance product offered by nib, with plans to expand the product into Australia within the next 18 months.

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