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nsx.com.au Authorised by Managing Director and Chairman Managing Director’s Presentation Annual General Meeting 24 th November 2021 nsx.com.au 2 About NSX NSXL was incorporated with the primary purpose to invest, support, operate and be the holding company of businesses that are involved in the listing and trading of various asset classes. NSXL wholly owns the National Stock Exchange of Australia Limited (NSXA), an Australian Tier 1 Market Licensee. NSXL also owns 41% of the ClearPay joint venture which will provide clearing and settlement services for various asset classes. NSX Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and as such has extensive corporate governance, shareholder, financial reporting and continuous disclosure obligations. NSX competes with ASX for corporate listings and is now targeting its monopoly position in clearing and settlement through ClearPay. nsx.com.au 3 Year in Review NSXA Market Performance • Market Cap of NSX Market has increased to $2.97Bn from $2.38Bn (up 25.8 %). • Average market Cap of listed entities increased to $60.50m from $ 50.79m. • Revenue increased by 7.8%, costs decreased, gap to break even narrowed (loss down 32.8 %). Drivers / Enablers of the Market • Repositioned market as ‘alternative investment market’ for emerging entities. • Developed guidance for Direct Entry, IPO and Fast Track approaches: • First Fast Track from ASX to NSX completed. • Direct entry listings driving interest in NSXA. • Continued development on our technology stack including Clearpay’s DESS. • Upgrading of trading engine commenced to ensure compliance with Market Integrity Rules. • Trade Acceptance Service (TAS) now providing automated clearing and settlement. nsx.com.au 4 Strategy • Develop market by attracting further listings. • Increase attraction of NSXA as a listing venue by differentiation of market eg different routes to listing. • Continue to increase number of participant brokers, and enhance direct to market access (online) trading. • Upgrade technology to allow for further product differentiation eg fractionalization, DvP. • Leverage our expertise and market into SPAC’s, ETPs/ETF’s (subject to regulatory approvals ). • Seek partnerships such as the proposed Abilitii JV in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. nsx.com.au 5 Highlighted Listings Company Mkt Cap at Listing Date of Listing Aobo Environmental Technology Limited (AB9.NSX) $48.3m 02 - Dec - 2020 VGI Health Technology Limited (VTL.NSX) $27.6m 28 - May - 2021 Smart Auto Australia Limited (SAL.NSX) $15.5m 08 - Jun - 2021 K2 Energy Limited (KTE.NSX) $30.0m 29 - Jun - 2021 Note that 3 entities were delisted, 2 voluntarily and 1 due to COVID impacting financial position nsx.com.au 6 Expected Listing Pipeline Industry/Company Focus Expected Month of listing # Market Cap Raise amount E - Commerce Technology December $31m $1 - 1.7m Incubator/ Investments December $10m Direct Entry - NIL Fin - Tech December $28m Direct Entry - NIL Manufacturing December/January $9.1m $0.5 - 0.75m Technology January $8.5m Compliance FastTrack - NIL Alternative Health January $20m Direct Entry - NIL Engineering Services January $30m FastTrack - NIL Resources February $5m $2.8m Retail Technology 2022 $14m None Medical Devices 2022 $8m $2m Energy 2022 $68m None Fin - Tech 2022 TBC $4m Technology 2022 TBC Direct Entry - NIL * Final listing date may be subject to change nsx.com.au 7 Market Access – Online Trading & Traditional Brokers • Full service brokers offer access to all NSX listed company participants, or, trade online with Marketech Stockbroking. • Automated settlement with CHESS via the Trade Acceptance Service (TAS ). YOU CAN NOW TRADE ONLINE WITH marketech.com.au/ nsx Marketech trading and settlement is facilitated by OpenMarkets Australia Limited ABN 38 090 472 012 an Australian Financial Services Licensee (ASFL 246705) and Market Participant of NSX. marketech.com.au/financial - services - guide nsx.com.au 8 Product Admission Comparison Securities / Product Type Shares ASX Admission Method NSX Admission Method Commentary IPOs (Capital Raise) ü ü NSXA does not require prospectus for all IPO’s, and conforms with Corps Act requirements for disclosures. Compliance Listing (Transfer from Local or Recognised International Exchange) ü ü q NSXA has 4 - week Fast - track for ASX transfers q 1 st Fast - track listing completed in June (K2 Energy) Direct Entry (No Capital Raise, No prospectus) × ü q NYSE examples include Spotify, Slack q NSXA expects a number of Direct - entry listings by YE 2021 SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) × ? Under Review q Refer SPACs slide for further details nsx.com.au 9 ETFs and ETPs • Draft ETP and ETF Rules finalised. • Draft rules incorporate ASIC CP 343: Crypto - assets as underlying assets for ETPs and other investment products. • NSXA expects to concurrently consult industry and informally lodge rule with ASIC in 2021. • Rules positioned for possible DvP settlement through ClearPay. • ASX CHESS fees for ETP issuers represents competitive disadvantage for NSXA. nsx.com.au 10 SPACs • NSXA has consulted industry on proposed admission framework based on best global admission standards. • Feedback broadly positive and supportive of NSXA admission framework. • Initial discussions held with ASIC on industry feedback and awaiting further advice from ASIC on progress towards SPAC admission criteria (Dec 2021 ). nsx.com.au 11 MOU on KSA Mining and Commodities Exchange • MOU to explore JV feasibility of a new securities exchange with Abilitii ( Ajlan & Bros Holding Group ). • Focussed initially on mining and commodities to leverage KSA’s aim to establish The Kingdom as the next mining powerhouse in MENA region. • Part of the Saudi Royals’ Vision 2030 Initiative to transform the economy. • NSX will provide expertise across the business, technology and regulatory requirements. • Successful JV will lead to formation of commercial partnership in new exchange. • Business plan and Cost modelling for JV completed. nsx.com.au 12 KSA Metals & Mining Exchange Company Listings Investor Wealth Generation Access to Ongoing Investor Capital Mining Sectorial Growth (V2030) JV Partnership JV as Platform to Drive Mining as 3rd Pillar of Saudi Economy nsx.com.au Thank You
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