Objective Corporation (ASX:OCL)

Tony Walls
Market Cap (AUD): 1.39B
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 14.45 -0.25 (-1.7%)
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1. About

Objective Corporation (ASX:OCL) delivers technology to all tiers of government and financial services organisations, so they can operate more effectively and transparently, to improve lives.

Working smarter to deliver community outcomes

OCL works with more than 1,000 government organisations enabling their people to work smarter with secure access to the information they need to make decisions. Anywhere and on any device.

Decisions that help protect our borders from threats; enable social services look after the vulnerable; or planners track property records.

Everyone needs secure, quick and intuitive access to information to do their jobs well.

OCL does it in a manner that ensures secure access to every document, tracking of every change and accountability for every decision.

Smart, easy to use software is underpinning their success and helping people work smarter.

By transforming processes

OCL software solutions help streamline processes ranging from councils assessing development applications to the way Ministers respond to enquiries; helping financial institutions publish compliance documents to government departments sharing information with the community.

Only by applying innovative technology can the public sector continue to efficiently deliver the services our communities need and the financial services industry meet a raft of growing regulatory requirements.

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