Pointsbet Holdings Limited (ASX:PBH)

Sam Swanell
Market Cap (AUD): 691.31M
Sector: Consumer Discretionary
Last Trade (AUD): 2.53 -0.08 (-3.07%)
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1. About

PointsBet Holdings Limited (ASX:PBH) is a corporate bookmaker, offering innovative sports and racing betting products and services direct to Clients via its scalable cloud-based technology Platform.

Founded in 2015, PointsBet has grown rapidly since launching its innovative sports betting product, PointsBetting, in Australia in February 2017. By March 2018, PointsBet provided a full-service corporate bookmaker offering in Australia, adding Fixed Odds Racing (September 2017) and Fixed Odds Sports (March 2018) to complement its PointsBetting product.

In addition, the Founders saw the potential for PointsBet to utilise its Platform and its innovative product offering to gain market access in high potential new markets, in particular the United States.

PointsBet is led by an experienced Management team and highly competent Board of Directors, with a demonstrated track record in the Wagering Industry, with relevant business knowledge, financial management, legal expertise, corporate strategy and corporate governance experience.

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