Perpetual Credit Income Trust (ASX:PCI)

Rob Adams
Market Cap (AUD): 426.7M
Sector: Unclassified
Last Trade (AUD): 1.07 +0.01 (+0.47%)
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1. About

Perpetual Credit Income Trust (ASX:PCI) offers investors a new way to access what Perpetual expects to be an attractive and reliable monthly income stream through a diversified exposure to domestic and global credit and fixed income assets. The Trust is also a unique opportunity to invest with one of Australia’s leading active credit fund managers.

The Trust invests in a portfolio of credit and fixed income assets diversified by country, asset type, credit quality, loan maturity and issuer. Perpetual expects that the Trust will have a portfolio of approximately 50 to 100 assets. The Trust’s flexible investment strategy means the portfolio manager can actively move within this broad range of assets to adapt to changing market conditions.

Due to Perpetual’s size and market position the Trust can offer investors access to credit and fixed income assets not typically available to individual investors.

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