Pure Hydrogen Corporation Limited (ASX:PH2)

Scott Brown
Market Cap (AUD): 121.44M
Sector: Energy
Last Trade (AUD): 0.34 -0.01 (-4.23%)
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1. About

Pure Hydrogen Corporation Limited (ASX:PH2) is a Sydney based company seeking to become the leader in the development of a Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technology in Australia.

  • The company's initial projects are planned for central Queensland near Miles and Gladstone.
  • Pure Hydrogen has a Joint Venture with Liberty Hydrogen to develop four large scale Hydrogen Hubs on Australias East Coat Project Jupiter (Gladstone, QLD), Project Mars (Mackay, QLD), Liberty North (Newcastle, NSW) and Liberty South (Port Anthony, VIC).
  • Pure Hydrogen is in discussions with purchasers to buy its Hydrogen.
  • Pure Hydrogen plans to supply hydrogen fuel to the Asia Pacific specifically Japan and Korea together with domestic market.
  • Pure Hydrogen is also investigating technology that converts methane to hydrogen and carbon (graphene) with zero emissions.


Pure Hydrogen was created by the merger of Real Energy Corporation Limited and Strata-X Energy Limited.

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