25 Nov

Results of Annual General Meeting

Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd ABN 78 169 979 971 Box 3008, Broadway, Nedlands, WA 6009, Australia T: +61 8 9389 1992 | E: enquiries@proteomicsinternational.com | W: www.proteomicsinternational.com 1 / 1 Part of the PILL Group ASX Release 25 November 2021 ASX code: PIQ Results of Annual General Meeting Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd (Proteomics International; ASX: PIQ) is pleased to advise that all resolutions considered at the Annual General Meeting of the Company held earlier today were passed by poll. The results of the Annual General Meeting are set out in the attached document. Authorised by Dr Richard Lipscombe (Managing Director) on behalf of the Board of PIQ. ENDS About Proteomics International Laboratories (PILL) ( www.proteomicsinternational.com ) Proteomics International (Perth, Western Australia) is a wholly owned subsidiary and trading name of PILL (ASX: PIQ), a medical technology company at the forefront of predictive diagnostics and bio-analytical services. The Company specialises in the area of proteomics – the industrial scale study of the structure and function of proteins. Proteomics International's mission is to improve the quality of lives by the creation and application of innovative tools that enable the improved treatment of disease. For further information please contact: Dr Richard Lipscombe Managing Director Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd T: +61 8 9389 1992 E: enquiries@proteomicsinternational.com Dirk van Dissel Kyle Moss Investor Relations & Corporate Advisor Corporate Advisor Candour Advisory Euroz Hartleys T: +61 408 326 367 T: +61 8 9488 1400 E: dirk@candouradvisory.com.au E: kmoss@eurozhartleys.com Listing Rule 3.13.2 Results of Meeting Name of entity Meeting type Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd Annual General Meeting ABN/ACN/ARSN/ARBN Date of meeting 169 979 971 Number Resolution Type Result Voting Method For Against Abstain* For Against Discretionary (Chair of the meeting) Discretionary (Other nominated persons) Total Discretionary Votes Abstain* 1 Non-Binding Resolution to Adopt Remuneration Report Non-binding Passed Poll 14,513,132 51,916 20,350 12,393,481 51,916 89,632 20,000 109,632 20,350 99.64% 0.36% N/A 98.71% 0.42% 0.71% 0.16% 0.87% N/A 2 Re-election of Director - Roger Moore Ordinary Passed Poll 36,625,966 - - 29,926,951 - 89,632 20,000 109,632 - 100.00% 0.00% N/A 99.64% 0.00% 0.29% 0.07% 0.35% N/A 3 Special Passed Poll 36,600,966 10,000 15,000 29,901,451 10,000 90,132 20,000 110,132 15,000 99.97% 0.03% N/A 99.60% 0.03% 0.30% 0.07% 0.37% N/A 4 Ordinary Passed Poll 36,475,990 89,726 29,000 29,791,975 88,726 89,632 20,000 109,632 15,000 99.75% 0.25% N/A 99.34% 0.30% 0.29% 0.07% 0.36% N/A * Note that votes relating to a shareholder who abstains on a resolution are not counted in determining whether or not the required majority of votes were cast for or against that resolution. Ratification of Prior Issue – Options to Euroz Hartleys under Corporate Advisory Agreement Instructions given to validly appointed proxies (as at proxy close) Votes cast on the poll (where applicable) Resolutions voted on at the meeting Thursday, 25 November 2021 Renewal of Partial Takeover Plebiscite Clause in the Constitution Page 1

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