Plenti Group Limited (ASX:PLT)

Daniel Foggo
Market Cap (AUD): 116.56M
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.7 +0.02 (+2.19%)
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1. About

Plenti Group Limited (ASX:PLT) is a technology-led consumer lender and investment business. Plenti seeks to provide borrowers with efficient, simple and competitive loans, delivered via seamless digital experiences and investors with attractive, stable returns via investing in the established asset class of consumer loans.

Plenti offers loans in three core verticals of the Australian credit industry: automotive lending, renewable energy lending and personal lending. 

Annual loan originations across these three lending verticals are estimated to exceed $45 billion.

Plenti has focused on diversifying its funding sources and now funds the loans it originates from a range of platforms. Plenti has attracted approximately 22,000 Registered Investors since its launch in November 2014, including retail, institutional and government investors. It has also established its own Warehouse Facility to fund secured automotive loans.

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