Pureprofile Limited (ASX:PPL)

Martin Filz
Market Cap (AUD): 46.5M
Sector: Communication Services
Last Trade (AUD): 0.044 +0 (+4.76%)
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1. About

Pureprofile’s vision is to deliver more value from the world’s information. We are a global data and insights organisation providing online research and digital advertising services for agencies, marketers, researchers and publishers. Our research division delivers rich insights into real human behaviour and provides the “Why” behind the “What” through ResTech and SaaS solutions. Our digital advertising division taps into these rich insights on behalf of advertisers and publishers and executes impactful targeted digital marketing strategies. We build in-depth profiles of consumers via our proprietary and partner panels and give businesses the ability to understand, target, and ultimately engage with their audiences.

The Company, founded in 2000 and based in Surry Hills, Australia, now operates in North America, Europe and APAC and has delivered solutions for over 700 clients.

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