Plexure Group Limited (ASX:PX1)

Daniel Houden
Market Cap (AUD): 45.97M
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 0.13 +0 (+0%)
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Plexure Group Limited (ASX:PX1) has developed an intelligent technology platform that powers mobile marketing, helping brands create world-class customer engagement.

Plexure makes the sales process for physical retailers seamless, engaging and profitable by identifying where customers are, what they want and then facilitating their purchases. The Group's technology delivers increases in purchase frequency, average basket value, impulse visits and customer lifetime value, which are all key metrics for retailers. These product and service capabilities cover: x Next generation loyalty programmes x Personalised offers x Analytics and Insights x Mobile order and pay x Artificial intelligence and machine learning x App design and development x Customer data management x Marketing strategy and CRM consulting x System integration consulting.

Plexure Group Limited is also listed on the NZX (NZX:PLX).

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