24 Nov

Results of Meeting

24 NOVEMBER 2021 RESULTS OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 202 1 The results of Regional Express Holdings Limited’s Annual General Meeting held on 24 th November 2021 are set out in the attached document. All resolutions were passed and decided by way of poll. This announcement is authorised by the Richard Kwa n , Company Secretary, Regional Express Holdings Limited. Media Contact Rex Corporate Communications: 0402 438 361 or media@rex.com.au ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Wednesday, 24 November, 2021 REGIONAL EXPRESS HOLDINGS LIMITED Short Description For Against For Against Abstain ** As required by section 251AA(2) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Commonwealth) the following statistics are provided in respect of each resolution on the agenda. Resolution Voted on at the meeting Total votes cast in the poll (where applicable) Abstain Result Discretionary (open votes) No Strike Y/N/NA Proxy Votes (as at proxy close) RESULT OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (ASX REPORT) 35,408,631 152,833 1,283,336 1 ADOPTION OF REMUNERATION REPORT 76,614 152,833 1,283,236 35,168,559 3.50% 96.50% Carried 96.28% 3.51% 0.21% N 47,319,867 19,276 1,234,173 2 RE-ELECTION OF LIM KIM HAI AS AN EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR 76,071 19,276 1,234,073 46,828,772 2.54% 97.46% Carried 97.28% 2.56% 0.16% NA 64,330,812 7,743,577 1,252,786 3 RE-ELECTION OF LEE THIAN SOO AS A NON EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR 80,419 7,743,577 1,252,686 63,835,369 1.91% 98.09% Carried 97.95% 1.92% 0.12% NA 72,017,700 21,396 1,288,079 4 RE-ELECTION OF LINCOLN LIN FENG PAN AS A NON EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR 84,909 21,396 1,287,979 71,517,767 1.76% 98.24% Carried 98.12% 1.77% 0.12% NA 72,020,775 21,396 1,285,004 5 RE-ELECTION OF SIDDHARTH DILIP KHOTKAR AS A NON EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR 84,909 21,396 1,284,904 71,520,842 1.75% 98.25% Carried 98.12% 1.76% 0.12% NA ** - Note that votes relating to a person who abstains on an item are not counted in determining whether or not the required majority of votes were cast for or against that item Printed: 24/11/2021 3:47:47PM Page 1 of 1 This report was produced from the Link Market Services Meeting System
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