Roto-Gro International Limited (ASX:RGI)

Michael Carli
Non-Executive Chairman
Market Cap (AUD): 3.77M
Sector: Industrials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.011 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

RotoGro International (ASX:RGI) is an Australian-based company with licensed, proprietary, patented, and patents-pending technology in the stackable rotary hydroponic garden space. The Company is focussed on expanding into industry synergistic opportunities; exploring strategic partnerships and complimentary acquisitions in related markets which include, growing management services, industry leading nutrients, emerging micropropagation expertise and other supporting faculties of hydroponic growing.


To be the lowest cost producer for indoor vertical farming of lawful cannabis and perishable foods (produce) across the globe. The company has full ownership of a lawful cannabis license as well as strategic partnerships and in urban perishable food (produce) farms. The company will continue looking for strategic partnerships and complementary acquisitions in the agricultural space to provide turn-key solutions from concept to harvest.


To generate socially responsible, sustainable and profitable revenue from growing lawful cannabis and perishable foods using our proprietary and patented cutting edge technical solutions, enabling us to deliver maximum yield of the highest quality product whilst minimising our carbon footprint and the environmental impacts of traditional farming.

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