RLF AgTech Ltd (ASX:RLF)

Ken Hancock
Market Cap (AUD): 12.69M
Sector: Materials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.16 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

RLF AgTech Ltd (ASX:RLF) is an Australia-based business with a world-wide focus. The Company's farming innovations are powered by technology, but inspired by earth. RLF AgTech believes we can feed the world and heal our planet, by combining a rich understanding of nature's ecosystems, with its technology of the future.

Grow More

RLFs products increase yields by up to 30%+ with a higher nutrition content to improve the worlds food security. By delivering nutrients to our crops in a way that's natural for them, RLF products increase yield size for every crop type, on any farm. With this technology, farmers can grow more, higher-quality produce.

Grow Better

With bigger, stronger root systems, crops grown with RLF products can bring in more nutrients, and a bigger variety of them. RLF products biofortify the food we grow and eat, leading to increased intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. That means higher quality food and higher micronutrient intake.

Grow Forever

Plants grown with RLF products have enhanced root systems and top growth, driving carbon capture from the air and storage in the soils, resulting in better soils and cleaner air. Plant Proton Delivery Technology reduces the need for mining traditional elements. RLFs products lead to restored soils which are nourished and improved for sustainable use.

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