Renascor Resources Limited (ASX:RNU)

David Christensen
Market Cap (AUD): 486.18M
Sector: Energy
Last Trade (AUD): 0.225 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Renascor Resources Limited (ASX:RNU) is a Critical Mineral project developer and minerals explorer with a portfolio of wholly-owned assets in key minerals districts in South Australia.

Renascor is developing a vertically integrated Battery Anode Material Manufacturing Operation in South Australia comprising:

  • the Siviour Graphite Deposit - the worlds second largest Proven Reserve of Graphite and the largest Graphite Reserve outside of Africa;
  • the Siviour Graphite Mine and Concentrator - a conventional open-pit mine and crush, grind, float processing circuit delivering world-class operating costs in large part due to the favourable geology and geometry of Renascors Siviour Graphite Deposit; and
  • a Purified Spherical Graphite (PSG) Production Facility - where Graphite concentrate will be converted to PSG using an eco-friendly processing method before being exported to Lithium-ion battery anode manufacturers.

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