Respiri Limited (ASX:RSH)

Marjan Mikel
Market Cap (AUD): 40.38M
Sector: Health Care
Last Trade (AUD): 0.055 +0 (+3.77%)
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Respiri Limited (ASX:RSH) is an e-Health SaaS business supporting respiratory health management. Respiri's world-first technology detects wheeze, a typical symptom of asthma, COPD and respiratory disease to provide an objective measure of airway limitation. 

wheezo, Respiri's innovative technology, comprises an eHealth app combined with an easy to use, handheld device. wheezo is the first smart device to help improve asthma management by monitoring wheeze and documenting symptoms, signs, triggers, weather conditions and medication use. The asthma management platform also facilitates the sharing of data with caregivers, physicians and other health care professionals. 

Respiri's mission is to help improve quality of life for hundreds of millions of asthma sufferers around the world and dramatically reduce hospital admissions and the economic burden of asthma.

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