RPMGlobal Holdings Limited (ASX:RUL)

Richard Mathews
Market Cap (AUD): 389.44M
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 1.7 +0.03 (+1.49%)
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1. About

RPMGlobal Holdings Limited (ASX:RUL) is a global leader in the provision and development of mining software solutions, advisory services and professional development to the mining industry.

Since 1968, RPM has been trusted by mining companies of all sizes and commodities to support their growth. The Company's global experience has been built over 50 years and through its work in more than 125 countries.

RPM's enterprise approach, built on open industry standards, seamlessly connects systems and information to amplify decision-making across the mining value chain. The Company integrates the planning, design and scheduling, with maintenance and execution, and simulation and costings, on RPMGlobals Enterprise Planning Framework, the mining industrys only digital platform capable of delivering insight and control across all core processes.

The Company's Advisory team work with the global mining industry on its most critical issues and opportunities, from exploration through to mine closure. The Team's deep domain expertise, combined with its culture of innovation and global footprint, ensures the Company's mining customers continue to lead the industry.

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