Steadfast Group Limited (ASX:SDF)

Robert Kelly
Market Cap (AUD): 4.97B
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 5.08 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Steadfast Group Limited (ASX:SDF) is the largest general insurance broker network and group of underwriting agencies in Australasia and has growing operations in Asia and Europe.

Steadfast Group has three business units primarily focused on the intermediated general insurance market:

Broker Network

The network has more than 450 general insurance brokerages in Australasia with each receiving superior market access, exclusive products and services, backed by the Steadfast Group.

Brokers have access to over 160 products and services to support their business and allow them to focus on clients' insurance and risk management needs. Key benefits to being a Steadfast Network broker include improved policy wordings, broker services, exclusive access to Steadfasts technology and triage support for challenging claims.

Underwriting Agencies

Steadfast Underwriting Agencies is the largest insurance underwriting agency group in Australasia. It designs, develops and provides specialised insurance products and services to brokers inside, and outside the Steadfast network.

Complementary Businesses

The Steadfast broker network and Steadfast Underwriting Agencies benefit from the support of 7 complementary businesses:

Steadfast Technologies - providing leading edge technology

Steadfast Business Solutions - providing back office services

Steadfast Risk Services - risk services solutions

Work Health Options - a work health consultancy

Steadfast Re - specialising in reinsurance, wholesale insurance and analytics

Steadfast Life - specialising in life insurance

IQumulate Premium Funding - Premium funding solutions to help brokers and clients make the right choices to protect their assets

Meridian Lawyers - lawyers specialising in insurance

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