Schaffer Corporation Limited (ASX:SFC)

John Schaffer
Chairman & MD
Market Cap (AUD): 285.7M
Sector: Consumer Discretionary
Last Trade (AUD): 20.8 -0.01 (-0.05%)
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1. About

Schaffer Corporation Limited (ASX:SFC) is a diversified industrial company whose core operating divisions are Automotive Leather, Building Materials and Property.

Automotive Leather

The Automotive Leather business has been a core driver of profitability in past years due largely to Schaffer's partnership with the Automotive Leather division Chairman, Mr Anton Mayer (also a Director of Schaffer Corporation Limited).

The Automotive Leather division is a global business in a global industry. Schaffer Corporation owns 83% of the division, which supplies leather to automotive manufacturers in Europe and Asia. The division produces quality automotive leather to a strong and regionally diverse customer base.

Building Materials

Schaffer Corporations Building Materials Division consists of Delta Corporation.

Property Investments

The Property division consists of a portfolio of investment properties, property development projects, and wholly owned/operated properties which generate strong and stable earnings.

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