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Stealth Investor Webinar Presentation

ASX MEDIA RELEASE 2 6 th November 2021 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chris Wharton AM Chairman Michael Arnold Group Managing Director & CEO John Groppoli Non - Executive Director Simon Poidevin AM OEM Non - Executive Director Jessamyn Lyons Company Secretary ISSUED CAPITAL 9 9 . 7 million Ordinary Shares PRINCIPAL OFFICE Level 2/43 Cedric Street Stirling , W estern A ustralia 6021 CONTACT Michael Arnold Group Managing Director & CEO John Boland Group Chief Financial Officer P: +61 86465 7800 E: investors@stealthgi.com W: www.stealthgi.com ABN: 25 615 518 020 GROUP OPERATING BRANDS › Heatleys Safety & Industrial › C&L Tool Centre › Skipper Transport Parts › Industrial Supply Group › BSA Brands (UK) WEBSITES › www.heatleys.com.au › www.cltoolcentre.com.au › www.skippertp.com.au › www.isgaus.com.au › www.bsabrands.co.uk STEALTH INVESTOR WEBINAR PRESENTATION Stealth Global Holdings Ltd (ASX: SGI) (the Company or Stealth) is pleased to advise the presentation is now available o f ShareCafe’s Small Cap “Hidden Gems” Webinar held today, Friday 26 November 2021 at 9.30am AWST. Group Managing Director and CEO Mike Arnold provided an ove rview of the Company’s five competitive subsidiary brands which offer industrial maintenance, repair, and operations equipment, safety and workplace supplies, as well as other related products. The recording of the webinar will be made available on Monday 29 No vember 20 21 . For further enquiries: Mike Arnold Chris Wharton AM J o hn Boland Group Managing Director & CEO Chairman Gro u p Chief Financial Officer P: +61 (0) 8 6465 7800 P: +61 (0) 8 6465 7800 P: +61 (0) 8 6465 7800 - ENDS - This announcement was authorised to be given to the ASX by the Board of Directors of Stealth Global Holdings Ltd. About Stealth Global Holdings Stealth Global Holdings Limited (ASX code: SGI) is a broad - line business - to - business (B2B) and business - to - consumer (B2C) distributor of industrial, maintenance, repair, operating ‘MRO’, safety & workplace supplies and other related products and services. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, it provides supplies and solutions for every industry through its portfolio of five distribution businesses that extend s across the end - to - end supply chain covering Business, Trade, Retail, Service & Specialist Wholesale. The five subsidiary brands are: Heatley’s Safety & Industrial, C&L Tool Centre, Skipper Transport Parts, Industrial Supply Group and BSA Brands (UK) a jo int venture with Bisley Workwear . 1 Investor Presentation An Australian Public Listed Company. ASX Code: SGI An Australian multinational leading distribution group of Industrial MRO supplies Friday 26 November 2021 An Australian Public Listed Company. ASX Code: SGI Mike Arnold Group Managing Director & CEO 26 November 2021 | www.stealthgi.com Investor Presentation About Stealth Corporate Video https://vimeo.com/ 573851956 2 26 November 2021 | www.stealthgi.com Investor Presentation About Stealth Extensive supply chain infrastructure. Diverse operating businesses with multichannel offering. Value Proposition Partner of choice with our suppliers, customers, employees, independents. Robust eCommerce platforms. Build Australia’s leading distribution group of Industrial MRO supplies and other related products and services, holding an advantaged market position. Our Vision Collective buying scale using a combination of Company, JV’s, and Independents. We serve customers of all types and sizes in Business, Trade and Retail. Broad - line product range and in - stock offering. Tailored supply solutions model. 26 November 2021 | www.stealthgi.com Investor Presentation SGI Board & Corporate Summary Mike Arnold Group Managing Director & CEO 4 Chris Wharton AM Chairman & Non - Executive Director Simon Poidevin AM OAM Non - Executive Director John Groppoli Non - Executive Director & General Counsel Jessamyn Lyons Company Secretary 30 June 2021 30 June 2020 % change +2.5 % (3.4%) (207 %) + 59.9 % +8.5% + 59.4% + 41.2 % + 5 . 1 % + 44.0 % Market Cap $m Share Price (cents) Net Debt $m 1 Cash & Undrawn Facilities $m Net Assets $m Underlying EBITDA $m Shares on issue $m Trading multiple EV/Underlying EBITDA Sales Revenue $m EPS (cents) 11.0m 11.0 4.2m 6.1m 13.8m 4.5m 99.7m 4.1x 69.7m 6.5m 6.9 1.4m 6.3m 12.7m 3.2m 94.9m 2.8x 68.1m +470 % 0.6 0.1 23% Directors and Management 32% Institutional Investors 11% High Net Worth's 34% Retail Shareholding Register at 30 June 21 1 includes $2.5m (FY20: Nil) related to C&L acquisition. $12.5m Market Cap 26 November 2021 | www.stealthgi.com Investor Presentation Our History Profile 5 Since Listing on the ASX in October 2018 we have invested to build a larger distribution group. 2018 2019 2019 2019 Dec 2020 Aug 2021 Today Acquired 100% of Heatleys Sales. Established a JV with Bisley Workwear in the UK. Acquired 100% of Industrial Supply Group. A co - op buying group of independents with stores across Australia. Acquired 100% of Protect - A - Load materials handling brand. Acquired 100% of C&L Tool Centre. Acquired 100% of Skipper Transport Parts. • 1 million products available • 300,000 products in DC’s stores • 210 team members • 34 store network in Australia • 6 online marketplaces • 114 stockists in UK • 5,500+ business customers Strong M&A Track Record $90m annual sales run - rate 26 November 2021 | www.stealthgi.com Investor Presentation A Look Inside Our Business 6 6 26 November 2021 | www.stealthgi.com Investor Presentation Supply Solutions & Services Model 7 Product - On - Demand On - site Stores Mobile Stores Vending Solutions Expert Team Access Stock, Anytime, Anywhere On - Site Solutions • Managed Inventory across customer facilities, special projects and site requirements. • Convenience, efficiency, cost savings, reduces downtime, speed in supply. • Technology systems integrated with company and customers ERP. Tailored model for customers with more complex or specific needs. 26 November 2021 | www.stealthgi.com Investor Presentation Group Highlights – A Standout Year 8 FY21 Record year for revenue and profit. REVENUE * ^ $ 69.7 $ 66.5 AUSTRALIA REVENUE $ 2.0 UK DOMESTIC JV REVENUE ^ $ 1.6 NET PROFIT AFTER TAX BEFORE SIGNIFICANT ITEM COSTS $ 0.6 NET PROFIT AFTER TAX & AFTER SIGNIFICANT ITEM COSTS UNDERLYING EBITDA # $ 4.5 MILLION MILLION ? 2.5 % ? 41 % ? 17 % ? 40 % ? 481 % ? 82 % % 29.0 FY21 GROSS PROFIT MARGIN % ? 9% PERCENT * Includes BSA 100% of joint venture revenue ^ Revenue growth despite withdrawing from major Africa contract and low margin customers reducing Africa sales by $10.1m # Underlying Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation, Amortisation ( EBITDA ) exclude s significant items (investments and M&A transactions) 9 Group Highlights – A Standout Year Progress on build and buy strategy. Stores - 6 new company stores - 17 new onsite locations Acquisitions - C &L Tool Centre - Skipper Transport Parts Customers & Suppliers - 2,500 new customers - 1,400 new suppliers New Store Locations Brisbane, Mackay, Emerald, Perth, Karratha, Albany, Port Hedland, Esperance Online - 6x new marketplaces - $ 1m investment in B2B /B2C marketplaces Growth Achievements 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 Combined Today Range - 600,000 new products Team Members - 62 new team members 26 November 2021 | www.stealthgi.com Investor Presentation Accelerated eCommerce platforms and Online marketplaces ENHANCEMENT www.stealthgi.com B2C / B2B www.cltoolcentre.com.au B2B / B2C www.heatleys.com.au B2C www.bsabrands.co.uk PORTAL www.isgaus.com.au B2B / B2C www.skippertp.com.au ü EDI, Punchout ü Product content ü CRM ü Data & Analysis ü Internal TV channel ü Shopping Cart ü Click & Collect ü Click & Deliver ü Pay later / buy now ü Social Media ü Mobile Management ü Business Analytics ü Promotion and Advertising Digital & Online Transformation Features 10 26 November 2021 | www.stealthgi.com Investor Presentation Marketing & Advertising Refresh 11 More value and opportunities for our Supplier Partners 26 November 2021 | www.stealthgi.com Investor Presentation 12 Build a larger relevant business more scale, operating leverage, supply chain infrastructure using strength from business combinations. Preferred partner of choice a genuine alternative for suppliers, independents, employees and customers. Accelerating eCommerce sales. Expand supply solutions model. Deepen supplier arrangements improve buying power, ranging, merchandising, pricing, channels to market. More customer value better experiences • Widest range • Best prices • Stock available • Multiple buying channels • Merchandise Innovation • Store formats • Inventory Solutions • Technology & Data • Unmatched service Grow market share • Improve profitability. • Lean, low - cost operating model. • +8% EBITDA target in 2025. • Double digit annual sales growth. Building Australia’s leading distribution group of Industrial MRO supplies holding an advantaged market position Satisfactory return to shareholders Strategy Next 3 Years Supporting the portfolio through a build and buy strategy to further improve competitiveness and grow market share. 01 0 2 03 0 4 0 5 06 Two tier operating model focused on 1. Supply & Product Range Development 2. Customer & Service Delivery Pursue attractive growth opportunities leveraged from recent acquisitions. Configure our business to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Retain, attract & develop our people Responsible business practices Scalable management systems. 26 November 2021 | www.stealthgi.com Investor Presentation 13 Investment Merits Customer and market share growth expected across all businesses. Experienced management team and Board. Network growth – more stores and distribution locations. Benefits from recent acquisitions where synergies not yet fully materialised. Upside from investment made in digital and technology channels. • New contract customers • Full product range made available across businesses 01 0 2 03 0 5 06 0 4 Well positioned for future growth as a genuine alternative Advantaged market positions • Emergent Industry Leader position in WA and Queensland. • #1 in WA in range depth of Industrial MRO supplies. • #2 in WA in size of closest competitor. • Growing national network in Australia and in the UK. • Addressable market in which the company now competes is estimated at $40 billion. • Favourable economic, industry and market trends. Growing sales and earnings profile expected in calendar year 2022 and beyond aligned to our 3 - year strategy. 26 November 2021 | www.stealthgi.com Investor Presentation This document has been prepared by Stealth Global Holdings (the Company) and is provided for information purposes only. This document does not constitute an offer, invitation, solicitation or recommendation with respect to the purchase or sale of any security in the Company nor does it constitute financial product advice. This document is not a prospectus, product disclosu re statement or other offer document under Australian law or under any other law. This document has not been filed, registered o r approved by regulatory authorities in any Jurisdiction. By reading this document you agree to be bound by the limitations se t o ut in this document. This document and the information contained within it is strictly confidential and is intended for the exclusive benefit of t he persons to whom it is given. It may not be reproduced, disseminated, quoted or referred to, in whole or in part, without the exp ress written consent of the Company. By receiving this document, you agree to keep the information confidential, not to disclose any of the information contained in this document to any other person and not to copy, use, publish, record or reproduce the informa tio n in this document without the prior written consent of the Company, which may be withheld in its absolute discretion. The information contained in this document is not intended to be relied upon as advice or a recommendation to investors and d oes not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation, taxation situation or needs of any particular investor . An investor must not act on the basis of any matter contained in this document but must make its own assessment of the Company and conduct its own investigations and analysis. Investors should assess their own individual financial circumstances and consider talking to a financial adviser, professional adviser or consultant before making any investment decision. Statements and information in this document are current only as at 26 November 2021 and the information in this document remains subject to change without notice. The information contained in this document is for information purposes only and is an overview and does not contain all information necessary to make an investment decision or that would be required in a prospectus or product disclosure statement prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Corporations Act 2001 ( Cth ) (Corporations Act). The information contained in this document is of a general nature and does not purport to be complete or verified by the Company, or any other person. The Company has no responsibility or obligation to inform you of any matter ari sin g or coming to their notice, after the date of this document, which may affect any matter referred to in this document. While reasonable care has been taken in relation to the preparation of this document, none of the Company, or their respectiv e directors, officers, employees, contractors, agents, or advisers nor any other person (Limited Party) guarantees or makes any representations or warranties, express or implied, as to or takes responsibility for, the accuracy, reliability, completeness Important Notices and Disclaimer or fairness of the information, opinions, forecasts, reports, estimates and conclusions contained in this document. No Limite d P arty represents or warrants that this document is complete or that it contains all information about the Company that a prospecti ve investor or purchaser may require in evaluating a possible investment in the Company or acquisition of shares in the Company. To the maximum extent permitted by law, each Limited Party expressly disclaims any and all liability, including, without limitation , a ny liability arising out of fault or negligence, for any loss arising from the use of or reliance on information contained in th is document including representations or warranties or in relation to the accuracy or completeness of the information, statements, opini ons , forecasts, reports or other matters, express or implied, contained in, arising out of or derived from, or for omissions from, th is document including, without limitation, any financial information, any estimates or projections and any other financial info rma tion derived therefrom. Certain statements in this document constitute forward looking statements and comments about future events, including the Company's expectations about the performance of its businesses. Such forward looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other important factors, many of which are beyond the control of the Company, and whic h m ay cause actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such statements. Fo rwa rd looking statements are provided as a general guide only and should not be relied on as an indication or guarantee of future performance. Given these uncertainties, recipients are cautioned to not place undue reliance on any forward - looking statement. Subject to any continuing obligations under applicable law the Company disclaims any obligation or undertaking to disseminat e a ny updates or revisions to any forward - looking statements in this document to reflect any change in expectations in relation to any forward - looking statements or any change in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statement is based. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and no guarantee of future returns is implied or given. Nothing cont ain ed in this document, nor any information made available to you is, or shall be relied upon as, a promise, representation, warranty or guarantee as to the past, present or the future performance of the Company. No Limited Party or any other person makes any representation or gives any assurance or guarantee that the occurrence of the events expressed or implied in any forward - looking statements in this document will occur. This document is only being provided to persons who are the holders of an Australian financial services license and their representatives, sophisticated investors (in accordance with section 708(8) of the Corporations Act and professional investor s ( in accordance with section 708(11) of the Corporations. Act) or to such other persons whom it would otherwise be lawful to dist rib ute it. 14 15 Last Page An Australian Public Listed Company. ASX Code: SGI An Australian multinational leading distribution group of Industrial MRO supplies An Australian Public Listed Company. ASX Code: SGI
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