Singular Health Group Limited (ASX:SHG)

Thomas Hanly
Market Cap (AUD): 11.1M
Sector: Health Care
Last Trade (AUD): 0.165 +-0 (+-2.94%)
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1. About

Singular Health Group Limited (ASX:SHG) is committed to a vision of providing improved health outcomes and quality of life through medical imaging visualisation and analysis.

Singular Health’s products are underpinned by its proprietary Volumetric Rendering Platform (VRP) which renders 2D slice-based data in both 3D and VR in less than 90 seconds and provides a core repository allowing for modular functionality to be added.

Designed from the ground up to minimise reliance on external libraries and enable in-situ rendering (meaning that confidential patient imaging can be rendered within hospitals/clinics), the Volumetric Rendering Platform is optimised for loading speed for use in our educational and medical applications. The platform’s core conversion & rendering code has been optimised in 2020 to operate on post-2018 iPhones and Androids, using only the onboard graphics processing power to generate interactive 3D renders.

Despite the obvious focus on the medical education and surgical planning applications developed by Singular Health, VRP has also been shown to work across a broad range of applications with the ability to render stacks of 2D images into 3D renders and render multiple ‘slices’ of seismic data used in geological exploration.

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