Sonic Healthcare Limited (ASX:SHL)

Colin Goldschmidt
Market Cap (AUD): 15.92B
Sector: Health Care
Last Trade (AUD): 32.83 -0.32 (-0.97%)
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1. About

Sonic Healthcare Limited (ASX:SHL) is one of the world's largest medical diagnostics companies, providing laboratory and diagnostic imaging services to medical practitioners, hospitals, community health services and their patients. The company also operates Australia's largest network of primary care medical centres - Independent Practitioner Network - as well as other healthcare businesses.

Sonic Healthcare's medically-led practices are dedicated to providing high quality service to the doctors and patients they serve. The company's success is underpinned by its commitment to medical sovereignty and independence.

Sonic Healthcare's services include:

Laboratory Medicine/Pathology
Sonic Healthcare is the largest laboratory medicine company in Australia, Germany, the UK and Switzerland and the 3rd largest in the US. The company also operate laboratories in Belgium, Ireland and New Zealand. The company has over 900 specialist pathologists and thousands of medical scientists and technicians, backed by specialised IT systems that ensure the timely delivery of results.

Diagnostic Imaging
Sonic Healthcare is the second largest diagnostic imaging provider in Australia, with over 100 diagnostic imaging centres. The company performs millions of examinations per year through its 180 specialist radiologists and nuclear physicians who are supported by the company's highly trained and experienced technical and clerical practice staff.

Medical Centres and Occupational Health
Sonic Clinical Services (SCS), operating under the Independent Practitioner Network brand, is Australia's largest medical centre operator and occupational health provider (under the Sonic HealthPlus brand). SCS operates in partnership with around 2,350 general practitioners at 240 centres across Australia.

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