Select Harvests Limited (ASX:SHV)

Paul Thompson
Market Cap (AUD): 575.73M
Sector: Consumer Staples
Last Trade (AUD): 4.76 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Select Harvests Limited (ASX:SHV) is one of the world's largest vertically-integrated almond businesses. 

Select Harvest's operations consist of orchards (company owned, leased, joint venture and managed), primary processing (hulling & shelling), secondary processing (blanching, roasting, slicing, dicing, meal), trading (industrial products) and Consumer products (Lucky, Sunsol, Soland, NuVitality, Renshaw & Allinga Farms), as well as providing almonds for retailer own-brands. 

Australia is a significant global almond producer and Select Harvests is one of Australia's largest almond businesses, supplying almonds domestically and internationally, to supermarkets, health food stores, other food manufacturers, retailers and the almond trade. 

In addition to almonds, the Company imports a full range of nuts and a wide range of other ingredients for inclusion in the Select Harvests Consumer Products range. 

The company is headquartered at Thomastown on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia while its orchards are in North West Victoria, Southern New South Wales and South Australia. 

The primary Almond processing facility is located in North West Victoria and the second processing, value-adding and packing facility is located at Thomastown.

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