Silex Systems Limited (ASX:SLX)

Michael Goldsworthy
Market Cap (AUD): 434.55M
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 2.02 -0.1 (-4.72%)
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1. About

Silex Systems Limited (ASX:SLX) is a research and development company whose primary asset is the SILEX laser enrichment technology, originally developed at the Companys technology facility in Sydney, Australia. 

The SILEX technology has been under development for uranium enrichment jointly with US-based exclusive licensee Global Laser Enrichment LLC (GLE) for a number of years. Success of the SILEX uranium enrichment technology development program and the proposed Paducah commercial project remain subject to a number of factors including the satisfactory completion of the engineering scale-up program and uranium market conditions and therefore remains subject to associated risks. 

Silex is also in the early stages of pursuing additional commercial applications of the SILEX technology, including the production of Zero-Spin Silicon for the emerging technology of silicon-based quantum computing. The Zero-Spin Silicon project remains dependent on the outcomes of the project and the viability of silicon quantum computing and is therefore subject to various risks. The commercial future of the SILEX technology is therefore uncertain and any plans for commercial deployment are speculative. 

Additionally, Silex has an interest in a unique semiconductor technology known as cREO through its 100% ownership of subsidiary Translucent Inc. The cREO technology developed by Translucent has been acquired by IQE Plc based in the UK. IQE has paused the development of the cREO technology until a commercial opportunity arises. The future of IQEs development program for cREO is uncertain and remains subject to various technology and market risks.

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