Sovereign Cloud Holdings Limited (ASX:SOV)

Phil Dawson
Market Cap (AUD): 24.53M
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 0.2 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Sovereign Cloud Holdings Limited (ASX:SOV) or 'AUCloud' is an Australian sovereign cloud Infrastructure as a Service (“IaaS”) provider exclusively focused on the Australian Government, the Australian Defence Force (“ADF”) and Critical National Industry communities (“CNI”).

The Australian Government invests in ICT systems to support the secure and continuous delivery of government business. Secure ICT systems maintain the confidentiality, protect the integrity and facilitate the availability of the information that government entities process, store and communicate. It is estimated that the Australian Government will spend over $13 billion per year to maintain and grow its ICT capabilities.

Cyber threats to government and commerce posed by malicious actors have increased in line with increased connectivity. Increased geopolitical tensions, increased crime, control of legal authority and locality of data have heightened the importance of sovereign security solutions. Global IaaS brands with resources distributed globally may store data overseas which opens the stored data to legal, jurisdictional compromise.

AUCloud’s IaaS service provides its customers with a highly secure, scalable, automated cloud solution, delivering an efficient and effective hosting environment for critical and sensitive applications and systems. The services and data managed by AUCloud are all hosted and maintained in Australia. AUCloud will seek to secure contracts from the Australian Government, ADF and CNI where it has this strategic advantage.

The Company has invested significantly into creating two autonomous inter-connected geographically diverse Sovereignty Zones in Canberra and Sydney. Through the Company’s ecosystem of over 60 channel partners, AUCloud has built a pipeline of sales opportunities.

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