Steamships Trading Company Limited (ASX:SST)

Rupert Bray
Market Cap (AUD): 372.1M
Sector: Industrials
Last Trade (AUD): 12 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Steamships Trading Company Limited (ASX:SST) is a conglomerate with diverse commercial interests in Papua New Guinea. 

Steamships employs just over 2,000 Papua New Guinean citizens in six diverse divisions grouped under the three operating categories: 


In the area of Logistics, Consort Express Lines provide short and long term vessel charters and the most comprehensive network of scheduled liner shipping services in PNG. In addition Pacific Towing is the leading provider of harbor towage and mooring services in the country, as well as a multifaceted transport and logistics service providers East West Transport and JV Ports Limited. 


The companys property division, Pacific Palms Property, is one of the largest property developers and real estate operations in PNG with residential, commercial, retail and industrial assets throughout the country. Steamships property portfolio also includes the largest hotel chain, Coral Sea Hotels in PNG, offering hotel rooms and apartments in four major locations.


Steamship's Commercial division includes a joint venture with Colgate Palmolive.

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