23 Nov

Commencement of Native Title Heritage Survey

Strickland Metals Limited ACN 109 361 195 info@stricklandmetals.com.au www.stricklandmetals.com.au Postal & Registered Office +61 ( 2 ) 8 316 3991 Suite 8 , 7 The Esplanade Mt Pleasant WA 6153 1 23 November 20 21 NATIVE TITLE HERITAGE SURVEY UNDERWAY HERITAGE SURVEY COMMENCED WITH INITIAL FOCUS ON MILLROSE, DUSK TIL DAWN, BIG DADDY AND IROQOUIS Highlights • Heritage Survey underway at Yandal Project with TMPAC • Critical step prior to commencing the planned 23,000m Millrose resource drill out in January 2022 • Assays expected next week from first ten holes at Dusk til Dawn Strickland Metals Limited (ASX:STK) ( S trickland or the Company ) is pleased to provide an update on its N ative T itle heritage survey underway with the Tarlka Matuwa Parku (Aboriginal Corporation) RNTBC ( TMPAC) . Management Comment Andrew Bray, Chief Executive Officer, said , “ Commencement of the heritage survey with TMPAC builds on the already strong partnership we have built with the Traditional Owners. The initial focus of the survey will be on obtaining clearance for the planned Millrose resource drill out under the new framework of the Native Title Agreement announced t o the market on 12 October 2021. After Millrose the survey will move north to the Dusk til Dawn and Big Daddy areas, before concluding at Iroquois, time permitting. Timely conclusion of the survey will allow the Company to commence its resource drill out at Millrose in January 2022, as initially planned. As always, the Company thanks TMPAC for their ongoing proactive engagement, and we continue to look forward to advancing our flagship Yandal project for the benefit of all stakeholders. ” Heritage Survey The Company has today commenced its planned Native Title heritage survey with TMPAC. The survey is expected to last approximately ten days and will focus primarily on obtaining clearance for the Millrose gold resource drill out. Subsequently, it wil l focus on the Dusk til Dawn and Big Daddy gold trends, before moving to Iroquois, time permitting (see Figure 1 below) . It is anticipated further surveys can be undertaken in the new year to finalise heritage clearances for all drilling programs the Compa ny is planning to undertake in 2022. Completion of the survey is a critical preliminary step to undertaking the Millrose drill out, and the Company is now well placed to execute as originally planned with rigs scheduled to arrive on site in the last week o f January 2022. 2 Outstanding Assays and RC drilling As has been a well - documented issue across the industry, Strickland is experiencing longer than anticipated wait times for assays to be returned . P leasingly , however, the Company has be en advised by the laboratory that assays for the first ten holes at Dusk til Dawn should be received next week. While the Company has not been advised of any revised timing on receipt of the 15,000m Horse North aircore program, the Company is expecting these assays in the first half of December. Separately, drilling is proceeding as planned with the RC rig currently testing regional gold targets around the Dusk til Dawn gold mineral resource. The program is expected to conclude in approximately three to four weeks. Figure 1: Key locations for Heritage Survey 3 This ASX announcement was approved and authorised for release by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Yours faithfully Strickland Metals Limited Andrew Bray Chief Executive Officer For more information contact: Phone: +61 (2) 8316 3991 info@stricklandmetals.com.au

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