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Annual General Meeting Presentation

www.saturnmetals.com.au Next Generation Gold Company in a Multi Million Ounce Province ASX:STN www.saturnmetals.com.au Annual General Meeting Ian Bamborough Managing Director 24 November 2021, 1.30pm AWST www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN Overview, Location and Tenure • 60km south-east of Leonora in Western Australia in world class multi million-ounce gold province close to existing gold infrastructure • Centred around the current 944,000oz JORC Mineral Resource Indicated and Inferred JORC Compliant Mineral Resource of 35.9Mt @ 0.8g/t Au reported above a cut-off grade of 0.4g/t Au and reported within an optimised pit shell 1 • 100% ownership of more than 1,000km² of contiguous exploration ground • Underexplored large-scale district gold play – historically underdone due to a varied ground ownership and commodity cycles • Key Gold Fertile Structures including the Keith Kilkenny Lineament • Good Mining Infrastructure • Central Strategic Position in the Belt Apollo Hill ‘Greater’ Gold Project 2 1 JORC Compliant Mineral Resource - refer to Slide 4 of this presentation for full details and to the Competent Person Statement and Consent Process on Slide 16 of this presentation. **See Saturn Metals Prospectus for details on Royalty +1Moz Production – Hampton Hill Mining Royalty. www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN Well Funded – Strong Register Corporate Snapshot Corporate Metrics Measure Funds (Cash figure 30 September 2021) $5.80M Shares on Issue 113.08M Unquoted Options and Performance Options (Directors and Staff Options vesting over three years) 5.01M Market Capitalisation @ A$0.56 per Share (23 November 2021) A$63.33M Enterprise Value A$57.53M EV/Resource oz A$61 Substantial Shareholders 23 November 2021 Funds & Institutional 43% Wythenshawe and Associates 10% Directors and Management 6% Top 20 67% Share Price Since Listing in March 2018 3 $0.22 9 Mar 18 Listing Day $0.56 23 Nov 21 www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN A Significant Increase – Open For Further Expansion • Apollo Hill Indicated and Inferred JORC Compliant Mineral Resource of 35.9 Mt @ 0.8g/t Au for 944,000oz reported above a cut-off grade of 0.4g/t Au and reported within an optimised pit shell 1 • Expansive gold mineralised system 400m - 500m wide • Published Resource constrained to maximum 250m depth • Simple, Big, Low Strip, Large Selective Mining Unit, Lower Unit Cost, Open Pit Potential Within Three Years of IPO in March 2018 - Saturn Metals has: ? Delivered an additional 439koz; ? Converted 21.2Mt @ 0.8g/t Au for 556koz to an Indicated Mineral Resource representing 59% of the Inferred Mineral Resource; and ? Delivered and Converted 5.4oz for every metre drilled (good discovery and conversion cost). Apollo Hill – Resource Upgrade (944koz Au) January 2021 4 1 Details of the Mineral Resource breakdown by category are presented in the Table; the associated Competent Persons statement and details of the original ASX report that this information was originally published in are detailed on Slide 16 of this presentation. www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN Even Distribution of Better Grades Across the Deposit Intersections captured in the resource include a : • 8m @ 12.9g/t Au from 126m within 14m @ 7.75g/t Au from 120m, and; 5m @ 8.03g/t Au from 111m – AHRC0330. • 12m @ 9.98g/t Au from 269m; 36m @ 1.32g/t Au from 183m Incl. 11m @ 3.28g/t Au from 208m; 13m @ 1.2g/t Au from 301m Incl. 4m @ 3.63g/t Au from 301m – AHRC0312. • 9m @ 18.2g/t Au from 301m Incl. 5m @ 32.6g/t Au from 301m – AHRC0362. • Drilling continues to target higher grade plunging shoots to look for leverage to the deposits overall grade profile. Higher Grade Architecture 5 Preliminary Whittle pit optimizations using approximated regional mining and processing costs for multiple processing scenarios have been run on the resource model using a gold price of US$1,700/oz to generate a range of pit shells and cut-off grades. A pit shell for a combined mill and heap leach scenario representing a revenue factor of 1.4 was selected as a nominal constraint within which to report the Apollo Hill Mineral Resource, thereby satisfying the JORC Code requirement for a Mineral Resource to have reasonable prospects for eventual economic extraction. Other relevant information is described in the JORC Code Table 1 as appropriate. A nominal 0.4 g/t Au lower cut-off grade was selected for all material types. Classification is according to JORC Code Mineral Resource categories. Totals may vary due to rounded figures. a Refer Slide 16 www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN Leverage Working Towards the Next Resource: 6 Higher Grade Results in Pivotal Positions Higher Grade results since the January resource upgrade have included a : • 12m @ 5.75g/t Au from 2m Incl. 8m @ 8.83g/t Au from 6m – AHRC0480 • 8m @ 4.28g/t Au from 72m Incl. 4m @ 8.34g/t Au from 72m – AHRC0477 • 15m @ 2.09g/t Au from 79m Incl. 7m @3.84g/t Au from 87m – AHRC0502 • Drilling successfully targeted leverage points for possible Whittle pit expansion. a Refer Slide 16 www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN Trial Grade Control Drilling Provides Demonstrated Improvement Improvement 7 • Strip ratio potential • Localised grade opportunities • Mineralisation continuity • Understanding of mineralisation controls Excellent results from the program include a : • 54m @ 3.72g/t Au from 43m Incl. 33m @ 5.80g/t Au from 49m – AHRC0618 • 12m @ 5.79g/t Au from 22m – AHRC0535 • 45m @ 1.58g/t Au from 0m Incl. 14m @ 2.88g/t Au from 0m and 12m @ 1.5g/t Au from 28m – AHRC0590 • 65m @ 0.96g/t Au from 43m Incl. 25m @ 1.7g/t Au from 48m inc. 8m @ 3.13g/t Au from 57m – AHRC0610 • 50m @ 1.11g/t Au from 4m Incl. 22m @ 1.63g/t Au from 6m – AHRC0591 33m @ 5.8g/t Au from 49m within 54m @ 3.72g/t Au from 43m AHRC0618 10m @ 3.32g/t Au from 53m AHRC0536 a Refer Slide 16 www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN Step Out Drilling Provides Excellent Results Expansion – Apollo Hill Corridor 8 Disc Size proportional to grade Thick, shallow, and high-grade intersections from recent reverse circulation drilling include a : • 54m @ 1.34g/t Au from 25m – AHRC0814 • 7m @ 11.18g/t Au from 172m – AHRC0813 • 8m @ 9.47g/t Au from 102m Incl. 3m @ 24.92g/t Au from 102m – AHRC0647 • 19m @ 1.18g/t Au from 26m Incl. 10m @ 2.01g/t Au from 26m – AHRC0621 • 21m @ 1.82g/t Au from 57m - AHRC0646 • 8m @ 9.47g/t Au from 102m - AHRC0647 • 23m @ 1.74g/t Au from 49m Incl. 8m @ 3.20g/t Au from 53m - AHRC0690 • 10m @ 4g/t Au from 89m - AHRC0766 • 10m @ 2.34g/t Au from 136m Incl. 5m @ 4.42g/t Au from 140m – AHRC0768 • 22m @ 1.00g/t Au from 154m – AHRC0789 Since Last Resource Upgrade 1km Extension Added on Ra Tefnut Corridor Next – Develop the North a Refer Slide 16 1km Extension since last resource upgrade in January 2021 – corridor widening New Hits – 7m @ 11.18g/t Mineralisation Remains Open Next - Develop the North www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN Step Out Drilling Planned Expansion – Apollo Hill Corridor 9 Disc Size proportional to grade Designed to test for expansions to the system – out and below and to target higher strain corridors with better grade. ? ? Topography January 2021 Mineral Resource Pit Shells January 2021 Mineral Resource Block Centroids g/t Au ? Planned 400m-600m Diamond Drillholes Higher Grade Stacked Zones Look for Repeats Look for Expansion Look for Extensions 1.2km wide system a Refer Slide 16 www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN MILL – GRAVITY AND CIL • 96.8% gold recovery conventional ( 75µm P 80 grind ); • 65.9% recovery by gravity (75µm P 80 grind) • 91.8% achieved at 250µm P 80 grind – with 56% by gravity • 80.3% achieved at 2mm p 100 crush, with 47.8% by gravity • Good Recovery even at lower grades – 97% at 0.25g/t Au 75µm P 80 • Potential for lower energy use in grinding. • BBMWI – 16 kWh/t – average hardness. • Rapid leach times 8 hours max at 75µm P 80 • Low reagent use; cyanide consumption (on average 0.33kg/t) and low lime addition (on average 0.11kg/t) Metallurgical Differentiation Data collected with GeoCore X10 10 Animated slide during presentation Conventional Mill Option Free Gold Mineralogy Grind Size Au Recovery Recovery after two weeks -8mm 77% 67% -4mm 69% 54% LEACHING (Heap/Vat) • Coarse grind size gold recovery is encouraging with high permeability and low agglomeration requirements – column test work after High Pressure Grinding Roller crushing • Rapid Leach in Column – Results Achieved in <30 Days Test Work Has Shown Excellent Gold Extraction Characteristics for Easily Recoverable Gold a Refer Slide 16 www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN Now Being Tested - Under Cover Regional Potential – Central Strategic Position in Belt 11 • +1,000km 2 of Greenfields land package starting to yield results (60km long position in the greenstone belt) • 60% of Ground Package Covered and Untested • New Systems identified in Aircore at Atlanta, and Aphrodite – Follow Up Drilling Just Finished • Assays Pending – 60 holes for 4,000m • 4,000 Additional Aircore m’s Planned in 70 Holes • km Spaced Drill Lines to Target New Gold Systems A POLLO H ILL 0.94M OZ 1 C ALYPSO Ground Gravity at the Atlanta Prospect 9m @ 8.67g/t Au Incl. 3m @ 24.6g/t Au BBRC0003 10m @ 9.80g/t Au PHA0369 Aircore Drilling – Current Phase Atlanta Aphrodite Bobs Artemis The Gap 32m @ 0.49g/t Au from 68m Incl. 8m @ 1.41g/t Au from 84m – AHAC0349 5m @ 2.21g/t Au from 96m – RDD01 a Refer Slide 16 www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN Follow up RC Drilling Planned Bob’s Regional Air Core Success • 3.5km long target – potential for significant concealed gold system • Significant results include: • 32m @ 0.49g/t Au from 68m Incl. 8m @ 1.41g/t Au from 84m – AHAC0349 • 5m @ 2.21g/t Au from 96m – RDD01 • Close Proximity to Apollo Hill (7km) 12 a Refer Slide 16 www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN High Grade Vein Opportunity in Tier 1 Australian Gold Provence • Production from the West Wyalong Goldfield, between 1894 and 1915, ~439,000 oz Au at 36g/t Au a1 • West Wyalong mines are shallow by current standards and mineralisation is open down dip and plunge. • Assays Pending for Two Holes West Wyalong Joint Venture Agreement – Maiden Drill Programme Commenced June 2021 13 ( a1 GS1928/007 Geological Survey of New South Wales (1975) Annual Report Compilation, West Wyalong Division – Forbes Sheet R0018585 Table of historic production figures p.41/p42) DRILLED DRILLED 2.6m @ 1.00g/t Au including 0.7m @ 2.74g/t Au from 393.2m – WWDD0003 a Refer Slide 16 www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN Aggressive Campaign – Regular Results Flow on Multiple Fronts Plan and Budget – Next Six Months 14 Planned: • Aggressive Drilling Campaign • New Discovery Focussed Area/Deposit/Region Drill/Sample Type Jul-21 Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan-22 Feb Targetting Apollo Hill Deposit Apollo Hill Deep Step RC Diamond New Mineralisation Apollo Hill Resource Development RC Inferred & Indicated Apollo Hill Metallurgical Drilling DD Used in Mineral Resource Apollo Hill Metallurgical Testwork Samples Used in Mineral Resource Apollo Hill Resource Estimation Process Mineral Resource Apollo Hill Camp Scale Apollo Hill Camp AC New Mineralisation Apollo Corridor RC New Mineralisation Apollo Hill Regional Drilling Broad spaced Aircore Lines AC New Mineralisation West Wyalong JV Ground in NSW RC/Diamond Proof of Concept RC/Diamond Mineral Inventory Aircore Northern Areas Extensions AC New Mineralisation www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN SATURN METALS 2021 • 0.94Moz Quality Ounces • Strong Results Flowing • Strong Budget • Aggressive Program ASX:STN 15 www.saturnmetals.com.au ASX:STN The Company has prepared this presentation. Whilst the information contained in this presentation has been prepared with all reasonable care from information provided by the Company and from sources, which the Company believes are reliable, no responsibility or liability is accepted by the Company for any errors or omissions or misstatements, however caused. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Company, its directors, officers, employees and agents disclaim liability for any loss or damage which may be suffered by any person thought the use or reliance on anything contained in or omitted in this presentation. Certain information in this presentation refers to the intentions of the Company, but these are not intended to be forecasts, forward looking statements or statements about future matters for the purposes of the Corporations Act or any other applicable law. The occurrence of events in the future are subject to risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the Company's actual results, performance or achievements to differ from those referred to in this presentation. Accordingly, the Company, its directors, officers, employees and agents do not give any assurance or guarantee that the occurrence of the events referred to in this presentation will actually occur as contemplated. The Company recommends investors obtain their own independent financial and accounting advice before making any financial investment in reliance upon information contained in this publication. Disclaimer & Competent Person Statements The information in this report that relates to Exploration Targets, geology, and Exploration Results and data compilation is based on information compiled by Ian Bamborough, a Competent Person who is a Member of The Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgists. Ian Bamborough is a fulltime employee of the Company. Ian Bamborough has sufficient experience that is relevant to the style of mineralisation and type of deposit under consideration and to the activity being undertaken to qualify as a Competent Person as defined in the 2012 Edition of the ‘Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves’. Ian Bamborough consents to the inclusion in the report of the matters based on her information in the form and context in which it appears. 1 The information on the Apollo Hill JORC Compliant Mineral Resource is extracted from the report entitled ‘Apollo Hill Gold Resource Upgraded to 944,000oz’ created on 28 January 2021 and is available to view on the Saturn Metals Limited website (www.saturnmetals.com.au – ASX Announcements). The company confirms that it is not aware of any new information or data that materially affects the information included in the original market announcement and, in the case of estimates of Mineral Resources or Ore Reserves, that all material assumptions and technical parameters underpinning the estimates in the relevant market announcement continue to apply and have not materially changed. The company confirms that the form and context in which the Competent Person’s findings are presented have not been materially modified from the original market announcement.’ 1 16 a This presentation contains exploration results and historic exploration results as originally reported in fuller context in Saturn Metals Limited ASX Announcements, Quarterly Reports and Prospectus - as published on the Company's website. Saturn Metals Limited confirms that it is not aware of any new information or data that materially affects the information on results noted. 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