19 Aug 2021

Appendix 4E

1 SUNVEST CORPORATION LIMITED ABN 77 008 132 036 Appendix 4E Year ended 30 June 2021 This Appendix 4E is provided to ASX in accordance with Listing Rule 4.3A No dividends were paid or declared during the year. It is not proposed to declare a dividend at this time. Commentary on Results: Dollar figures in this Appendix 4E are in whole dollars – i.e. not rounded to $’000. There were 20 sales of shares during the 2021 year totalling $4,368,980 (2020 – 7 sales totalling $1,076,433) There were 9 purchases of shares during the 2021 year totalling $408,306 (2020 – 19 purchases totalling $800,835) Movements in the Company’s share portfolio d uring the year were as follows. AIFRS The financial statements at 30 June 2021 have been prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Buy-back program The Company did not conduct a share buy-back program during the 2021 year or in the 2020 year. 2021 $ 2020 $ Profit from ordinary activities 1,068,408 1,959,479 Net profit from ordinary activities before tax attributable to members 1,323,974 1,959,479 Profit from ordinary activities after tax attributable to members 1,068,408 1,959,479 Net profit attributable to members 1,068,408 1,959,479 Dividends 2021 $ 2020 $ Portfolio Value at beginning of the year Proceeds from sales of shares Realised gain on sale of shares 4,729,924 (4.368, 980) 1,360,224 2,913,246 (1,076,433) 497,488 Purchase of s hares during the year 408,306 800,835 Unrealised gain on shares 363,934 1,649,818 Proceeds from r eturn of capital - (55,030) Portfolio value at end of the year 2,493,408 4,729,924 2 Sunvest Corporation Limited Appendix 4E year ended 30 June 2021 - continued Net tangible asset backing The net tangible asset backing per share at fair value is 64.0 cents per share (2020 – 55 cents) Earnings per share Earnings per share was 8.79 cents profit per share for the June 2021 year compared to 16.11 cents profit per share for the 2020 financial year, based on the average weighted number of issued shares of 12,159,024 (2020 – 12,159,024 shares). Net profit before and after tax The net profit before tax of the Company for 2021 is $1,323,974 (2020 – profit $1,959,479). The net profit after tax of the Company for 2021 is $1,068,408 (2020 – profit $1,959,479). The June 2021 result is after the following significant items: Directors The directors in office at the date of this Appendix 4E are: Bruce Burrell – Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Carole Rowan – Non executive Callum Baxter – Non executive Mark Rowan-Hull – Non executive Further details of the Comp any’s operations du ring the 2021 year and of the state of affairs at 30 June 2021 are set out in the Annual Report which is contemporaneously lodged with ASX This Appendix 4E and the Annual Report have been audited. Approved for release by and signed for and on behalf of the directors of Sunvest Corporation Limited. Bruce David Burrell Chairman Dated at Sydney this 18th day of August 2021 Unrealised gain on shares Realised gain on shares 2021 $ 363,934 1,360,224 2020 $ 1,649,818 497,488 Interest received 8,896 12,216 Debt forgiveness - 36,681 Dividends received 3,603 14,735 Fees paid to directors Bonuses paid to directors Stock exchange fees (138 ,300) (176,000) 16,292 ( 159,800 ) - 15,717

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