Tlou Energy Limited (ASX:TOU)

Anthony Gilby
Market Cap (AUD): 21.01M
Sector: Energy
Last Trade (AUD): 0.035 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Tlou Energy Limited (ASX:TOU) is focused on delivering power solutions to Botswana and southern Africa to alleviate some of the chronic shortages in the region. 

The Tlou group is planning development of renewable solar power projects and also separate gas-fired power and Hydrogen projects. Botswana has a significant energy shortage and generally relies on imported power and diesel generation to fulfill its power requirements. Tlous plan provides investors with access to a compelling opportunity to displace expensive, carbon intensive coal and diesel fired electricity with a more environmentally friendly alternative. 

The Company is also committed to developing community projects to add real value to peoples lives in a region with sparse services and where few opportunities exist for the local population. The Company aims to assist communities to become self-sustaining, develop business opportunities, build schools, get access to medical professionals and create employment.

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