24 Nov

CEOs Presentation - 2021 AGM

Sci e nce that benefits people 2021 Annual General Meeting Stephen Tomisich, CEO and Managing Director, 24 November 2021 Sci e nce that benefits people About Trajan • Products and solutions used in the analysis of biological, food and environmental samples. • Portfolio and pipeline of new technologies supporting the move towards decentralised, personalised data - based healthcare. Global developer and manufacturer of analytical and life sciences products and devices. Founded to have a positive impact on human wellbeing through scientific measurement. Sci e nce that benefits people About Trajan Now over 500 people, six manufacturing sites across the US, Europe, Australia, and Malaysia. Sci e nce that benefits people Trajan in FY21 • FY21 results demonstrated the consistent performance of the core business. • Revenue, margins and profitability in line with prospectus forecast. • Growth across most product categories and key customers. • Strong customer relationships, broad product portfolios, globally diverse but highly integrated geographical supply. $76.6M Total Revenue 16% * Organic Revenue Growth $9.95M Proforma EBITDA * Constant currency basis Sci e nce that benefits people Trajan FY22 Update • In the FY21 report we reinforced confidence in achieving the pre - IPO FY22 revenue forecast of $82.56M and $10.68M EBITDA. • In FY21 we reported organic revenue growth of 16% on a constant currency basis. Achievement of the FY22 revenue forecast from that elevated starting point requires FY22 growth of just under 8%. • Our FY22 experience thus far is that the growth trends of FY21 are continuing, in line with reports from other global industry participants. • The trend is consistent across multiple product areas; chromatography and pathology consumables and accelerated growth in target areas such as precision fluidics, and across a broad spread of customers. • We intend to revisit our full year projections at the half year report. Sci e nce that benefits people Accelerating progress towards our vision A future of personalized, preventative, data based healthcare. Sci e nce that benefits people ASX:TRJ Target investment areas • Activity underway to leverage IPO funds: • Progressing acquisition targets. • Delivering margin gains through operational infrastructure and improvements. Neptune • Accelerating commercialization of new technologies . Sci e nce that benefits people M&A • Building on the “My Health Test” acquisition completed in May. • Build the laboratory capability for translation. • Investment into Humankind Ventures, “FORTH”. • Develop expertise in the consumer portal. • Acquisition of Axel Semrau. • Build the laboratory automation. Sci e nce that benefits people Why My Health Test? • Personal, preventative, measurement requires remote sampling. Prevention is about monitoring not testing. • Adoption of remote micro - sampling formats requires easy to adopt, productive downstream analytical laboratory workflows. • Future value is in the data, more than the device. The cost disruption required is in the laboratory more than the tools. The future value enhancement, for example smart device - embedded chemistries that optimise selectivity, sensitivity at a lower cost points will also be realised in the lab. Trajan now has its own laboratory operations • New layer of commercialisation will develop through provision of the lab services and/or delivery of turn key systems to our existing laboratory customers. • New Trajan labs in Melbourne constructed, equipment relocated from My Health Test and now operational! Sci e nce that benefits people Why Forth? • Realisation of personalised health care requires consumer engagement with actionable information. • Technology interfaces to the non - technical (“direct to consumer”) is new to Trajan. • Forth in the UK is demonstrating a growing level of consumer engagement and now progressing to AI tools to deliver insightful information . • They too are about monitoring, a series of measurements to enable prevention, more than a single “test”. Analytical information empowering the consumer • It’s the beginning of a partnership that has many pathways for growth coupled with Trajan’s global areas of competence in sampling, laboratory workflows and services. • Trajan now has a Board position and just under 10% of the voting shares. Sci e nce that benefits people Why Axel Semrau? • Axel Semrau is a “sibling” of Trajan’s existing Automation business; the two companies have worked closely together. • Trajan’s presence is weighted to North America, Axel Semrau is in Europe • Trajan’s application expertise is in Pharmaceutical and Clinical, Axel Semrau’s is in Food and Environmental • Both businesses highly dependent on the foundation software platform CHRONOS that Axel Semrau owns and develops. Building a global laboratory automation capability and business Sci e nce that benefits people Operations, Neptune and beyond Continue expanding global Centres of Excellence Deliver CI initiatives with minor capital investments Build new technical capabilities Project Neptune Targeting annual gross margin gains of $2.7M on current volumes. Production Automation Sci e nce that benefits people Technology Commercialisation • Key roles being recruited to drive; • hemaPEN ® : “Healthy heart” related biomarker monitoring, COVID - 19 Antibody response and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. • Hummingbird : Decentralized measurements in the Pharmaceutical Industry. • µ LLE Automation : Organic contaminants in drinking water. • These initiatives are expected to add between $1M to $1.5M in OPEX. Sci e nce that benefits people ASX:TRJ as a Founder and CEO • Transition to a public company has gone very well. • Constructive Board. • Staff well engaged. • Governance practices working well. • COVID Impact. • Operational and market risk diminished. • Supply chain responsiveness and cost escalation loom, but thus far not material. Sci e nce that benefits people What our customers are saying? Pathology customers in Australia: “Your team is so responsive…” “…it’s about having suppliers like Trajan that we know we can rely on.” “In times of COVID, Trajan’s service levels have stood out even more.” Monash University on Trajan’s new MS Emitter Tip technology: “ A direct comparison to previously installed emitter tips showed that these prototypes increased the overall intensity of the recorded total ion chromatograms (TIC) and thus, improved the sensitivity of our mass spectrometers. Although we have only tested 5 prototype emitters so far, they have delivered a stable spray throughout the runs in addition to being robust and long lasting .” A/PROF RALF SCHITTENHELM Director of Monash Proteomics & Metabolomics Facility Sci e nce that benefits people Looking forward • With partial contribution from acquisitions we now expect full year FY22 revenues to approach $100M, with an underlying annual run rate well above that level as we head into FY23. • As we consider full year revenue and profitability guidance several factors come into play: • Growth rate of the underlying business. • Contribution from acquired businesses. • Project Neptune cost and margin impact. • Technology acceleration investments cost and impact. • We expect to provide updated full year guidance at the H1 report in February 2022. • Thank you for your continued support! Sci e nce that benefits people The material in this presentation is general background inf ormation about Trajan Group Holdings Limited ( Trajan ) and is current at the date of the presentation, [25 August 2021]. The inf ormation in the presentation is provided f or inf ormation purposes only, is in summary f orm and does not purport to be comp let e. It should be read in conjunction w ith Trajan’s other announcements to the ASX, including the FY21 Full Year Results announcement. It is not intended to be relied upon as advice t o c urrent shareholders, investors or potential investors and does not take into account the investment objectives, f inancial situation or needs of any particular shareholder or investor, ta xation situation or needs of any particular investor. An shareholder, investor or potential investor must not act on the basis of any matter contained in this presentation but must m ake its ow n assessment of Trajan and conduct its ow n investigations and analysis. No representation is made as to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the presentation. Tra jan is not obliged to, and does not represent that it w ill, update the presentation f or f uture developments. All currency f igures are in Australian dollars unless otherw ise stated. Totals and change calculations may not equate precise ly due to rounding. This presentation contains statements that are, or may be deemed to be, f orw ard - looking statements. These f orw ard - looking statem ents may be identif ied by the use of f orw ard - looking terminology, including the terms “believe”, “estimate”, “plan”, “target”, “project”, “anticipate”, “expect”, “intend”, “likel y”, “may”, “w ill”, “could” or “should” or similar expressions, or by discussions of strategy, plans, objectives, targets, goals, f uture events or intentions. Indications of , and guidance on, f ut ure earnings and f inancial position and perf ormance are also f orw ard - looking statements. You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such f orw ard - looking statements. Such f orw ard looki ng statements are not guarantees of f uture perf ormance and involve know n and unknow n risks, uncertainties and other f actors, many of w hich are beyond the control of Trajan or any o f i ts related entities w hich may cause actual results to dif f er materially f rom those expressed or implied in such statements. There can be no assurance that actual outcomes w ill not dif f er ma terially f rom these statements. Past perf ormance is also not indicative of f uture perf ormance and no guarantee of f uture returns is implied or given. Nothing co ntained in this presentation is, or shall be relied upon as, a promise, representation, w arranty or guarantee as to the past, present or the f uture perf ormance of Trajan. By reading this presentation you agree to be bound by the limitations set out in this disclaimer. No representation or w arran ty, express or implied, is made as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness or f airness of the inf ormation, opinions, f orecasts, reports, estimates and conclusions contained in this presen tat ion. To the maximum extent permitted by law , neither Trajan nor any of its related entities, or their respective directors, employees or agents, nor any other person accepts liability f or loss arising f rom the use of or reliance on inf ormation contained in this presentation or otherw ise arising in connection w ith it, including w ithout limitation any liability f rom f ault of neglig enc e. Disclaimer Sci e nce that benefits people Q&A
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