Tower Limited (ASX:TWR)

Blair Turnbull
Market Cap (AUD): 208.72M
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.595 +0.05 (+8.18%)
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1. About

Tower Limited (ASX:TWR) is passionate about helping New Zealanders protect the things they value through simple and easy insurance.

The Company has five strategic priorities:

Customer Focus

A relentless focus on customer relationships. Tower will deliver simple and rewarding experiences through new rewards, products and offerings that make sense and drive value.

Digital and Data

Tower will leverage digital and data everywhere. The Company's significant investment in cloud-based information technology allows it to use digital and data to deepen relationships with customers. At the same time, Tower will use its digital and data strengths to attract new customers.

Talent and Agile

Tower will embrace agile and talent. The Company needs the best people to grow its capabilities and to keep up the pace of innovation. This means making sure Tower remains a great place to work and a place where talent wants to be. Tower's move to agile is underway with benefits in delivery cadence already experienced. 

Capital Strength

Tower will maintain a strong capital and solvency structure. Tower is committed to being a financially robust business that delivers value to customers and shareholders. The Company's solvency margin is strong and higher than required by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

Partner Everywhere

Wherever possible Tower will work with partners. Tower will nurture and develop partnerships with the best organisations helping us to continue to innovate and improve delivery.

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