Urbanise.com Limited (ASX:UBN)

Simon Lee
Interim CEO
Market Cap (AUD): 33.94M
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 0.6 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Urbanise (ASX:UBN) is an ASX listed SaaS business, headquartered in Australia. It offers solutions for facilities and strata managers. Its cloud platforms are transformative for its users by improving customer service, reducing operational costs, providing key analytics and enabling new revenue streams. 

Urbanise ranks among the leaders in service software solutions as a result of its diversity for change and fundamental strength in technology development. Its disruptive technology seamlessly outperforms conventional facilities and strata solutions allowing operators to benefit from one or all modules within its unique ecosystem.

Urbanise operates globally with 7 office locations including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Pretoria, Cape Town, Dubai and Bulgaria and a customer base spanning across 15 countries.

Strata Management: The Urbanise Strata platform is an integrated finance, banking and operations platform used to manage apartment buildings, strata commercial towers and large housing communities. It enables strata managers to manage accounting and administration of strata bodies and funds and enhance communication with owners and residents.

As a point of differentiation, this leading Strata solution provides compliance functionality with local strata legislation, mobile app functionality and an e-services portal.

Facilities Management: The Urbanise Facilities platform integrates facilities, asset and workforce management used to manage infrastructure, buildings, local government, residential and commercial properties.

Key functionality within the Facilities platform include real-time dashboards and analytics used to benchmark, track and report on operations; dramatically enhancing business processes.

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