24 Nov

Annual General Meeting Results

Urbanise Urbanise.com Limited Level 1,201 Miller St North Sydney, NSW, 2059 ABN: 70 095 768 086 W: urbanise.com URBANISE.COM LIMITED – RESULTS OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Wednesday, 24 November 2021 : In accordance with Listing Rule 3.13.2 and Section 251AA(2) of the Corporations Act, Urbanise.com Limited (ASX:UBN) provides the following information with respect to the results of its Annual General Meeting held today. Resolutions voted on at the meeting If decided by poll Proxies received in advance of the meeting Resolution Result/ Resolution Type Voting method If s250U applies Voted for Voted against Abstained For Against Abstain Discretion No Short description Number % Number % Number Number Number Number Number 1 Adoption of Remuneration Report Carried Ordinary Poll No 11,082,047 93.93 716,775 6.07 7,687,858 11,064,131 113,266 7,616,466 9,181 2 Re-Election of Director – Mr Pierre Goosen Carried Ordinary Poll N/A 30,827,907 87.17 4,537,176 12.83 33,333 30,135,090 4,537,176 33,333 9,181 3 Re-Election of Director – Mr Tod McGrouther Carried Ordinary Poll N/A 35,361,750 99.99 3.333 0.01 33,333 34,668,933 3,333 33,333 9,181 4 Approval of 10% Placement Facility Not Carried Special Poll N/A 25,399,313 71.87 9,939,103 28.13 60,000 25,348,064 9,264,202 60,000 42,514 5 Issue of Performance Rights to Director Carried Ordinary Poll N/A 16,966,651 87.27 2475,961 12.73 579,569 16,957,470 1,801,060 570,834 9,181 Resolutions proposed but not put to the meeting No Short description Reason(s) for not putting the resolution to the meeting N/A This announcement is authorised for release by the Company Secretary. - ENDS – For further information please contact: Kim Clark Company Secretary T: +61-7 3010 9393 E: kim.clark@boardroomlimited.com.au

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